• Nice to meet you, I’m Guilliean!

    Gilly Runs a Marathon is a blog that explores the challenges I face as a Filipino American writer, editor, and podcast host. Join me as I train for a marathon and navigate the ups and downs of life in the southern Nevada desert.

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    I thought that a weekly check-in with myself would help me assess where I'm at. It'll be good to go back and see what I've said and done. Since I…

    7 things I continue to discover about my writing process

    Introduction As a writer, I know that writing is more than putting words together to form sentences. The medium of writing has longed helped me to discover new aspects of…

    Giving up social media for Lent: a digital detox

    What's up with the weather this year? It's complete insanity. It's briefly snowed here twice in Las Vegas in the past few weeks. That's incredibly unusual, especially this late in…