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    This is where you'll find examples of Guilliean's work: reviews, longform posts, mixtapes, and more.

    The Year of Living Dangerously

    2012 was a very strange year for me. I had high hopes, but there were several events that made it a very trying year for me. As part of my…

    The (After) Life of the Party

    "We need to talk," she said, the most feared phrase in the English language invaded his ears. She took him by the hand into a quiet corner of the arena's…

    Create an Original Domain Name

    I have been designing websites since 1998 when Yahoo! GeoCities was still only GeoCities. I learned how to code in HTML, all on my own. My very first website was…

  • Meet the Author

    Guilliean Pacheco is a cinematic absurdist writer, poet, editor, blogger, and creativity concierge at Writeropolis Industries. She has an M.F.A. in Writing from the University of San Francisco. She’s a misplaced California girl who lives in Las Vegas normally if one could call living there normal.