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Interstate 280

Another breakfast aloneWon’t wash the bedsheetsCan’t lose the scent of your cologneThese words will dry on their ownAll these things that I’ve done

My photograph of the Bellagio Fountains


Home is where the fences are cinder blocks,radiating heat well into the night.Home is where the shit on the streetis from ornamental plums,and not migrating ducks and geese.Home is knowing where the garlic salt isin the kitchen.Home is where your dog is.Home is waking up to the sun everyday,10 months…

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To be young again!

To be young again!To jump on cracks, breaking Mama's backTo run from the shadows of a cloud on a spring dayTo skip to my Lou, fall down from a ring of rosesHopscotch, and jump-rope, and down down babyTo be Enlightened by curiosityTo examine the world through science, reasonTo believe in…

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I won't let you in, I'll fight you to the endToo close, I can no longer be your friendLove ends, where hate beginsYou are which of the seven holy sins?Hold you down, surrender to meMission to the black hole of a distant galaxyYou make me strong, can no longer denyThe…

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Music to My Ears

Fruitful and productiveTired and antisocialEmotions that define my life I have seen wonderful thingsCelebrate milestones with loved onesI am a true gastronomeYet I feel alone in a crowded room It is time to stop dwelling on the negativityAnd let the sunshine inIt is time to believe all the storied words…

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Things That Are Full Of

Things that are full of musicCascade like a waterfallDown the coin slotChirping in acceptance,once, twice, three times luck be a lady. They call me the One-Armed BanditThe meadow in the Wild WestWords and music under the gunOf the tiger's sun. The Ballad of Michael ValentineCould be a country song,but isn'tTelling…

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Requiem for a Fallout Shelter

It was a ludicrous assignment. Claire Peyton, the entertainment columnist for the Mountain Valley Daily News, knew it. After their morning meeting, editor-in-chief Warren Harris pulled her aside. He mentioned a ghost story that had persisted in Mountain Valley, population 150,000, since after World War II. Then he let slip…

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Fields of Elisium

The battlefield in my headis littered with the loversI'll never bed, let alone wedSee me ride the light of loveTo a place inside his heartFalling below the mists, undertowSinging the praises of an unknown soldier,Broken apart by the promise of releaseFight with me, beside me, inside meBehind me, roller-coaster ride…

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goodbye facebook, adios instagram

Goodbye Facebook, Adios Instagram

I decided to remove myself from the vise-like grip of Facebook, Instagram, and Google permanently. It's Lent, and Catholics typically give up something for 40 days as a sign of sacrifice and to test our self-discipline, just as Jesus did when He went into the desert before His eventual death…

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