Everything that happens now is happening now

Grieving is such a terribly powerful emotion. I grieved so heavily for society as the pandemic unfolded. It fucked me UP, to say the least. I tried to stay positive and worked hard to be a functional human being. I stayed healthy through the lockdowns but briefly danced with Covid during the worst of the Omicron strain. I’m thrilled that my asthma didn’t worsen the whole situation. I got the first shots and 1 booster. I was so worried as we all learned what was happening with the disease that it would lay me out for weeks. But I honestly bounced back within a few days, with no lasting symptoms. Someone’s looking out for me.

I started a new job that I’m enjoying immensely. I pivoted into tech journalism. It’s been a learning experience that I wouldn’t replace for anything. And that’s why I took it. Being a professional writer means you shouldn’t give the cold shoulder to an opportunity. Trust me when I say you must humble yourself and find a way in if you want to be a writer. You’d be surprised at what happens when you do.

I’m venturing back out into the world, planning for trips and seeing friends I hadn’t seen in years. We all took those things for granted, don’t lie to yourself. As introverted as I am, I crave human connection as deeply as anybody, pre- and post-pan de sal.

I’m grateful to my wonderful boyfriend of five years, my senior-aged dog, and my fiercely independent family. I wouldn’t be here if not for any of them.

Suppose I had to summarize my professional life. In that case, on top of my full-time job, I’m freelance writing here at Makata and on Writeropolis Industries, copy editing for Epifania Magazine, and publishing new episodes of the Raconteuse Radio podcast.

Currently working on:

  • Refreshing my sites one by one after stepping away for a few months to grieve my father’s passing.
  • Preparing content for season 3 of Raconteuse Radio.
  • Reconfiguring the content calendar for my sites.

Short-Term Plans:

Long-Term Plans:

  • Turning Writeropolis Industries into a paying publication.
  • Attending a CCW class with my mother.
  • Clearing out my storage drive of assorted ideas.
  • Create an LLC.
  • Save up for a house.
  • Saving up for Universal Studios Hollywood with my BFF.
  • Saving up to take my boyfriend to Disneyland for the first time.
  • Saving up to visit Universal Studios Japan.
  • Self-publishing my three poetry collections – Regina, Ars Amatoria, and Roadside Afflictions.
  • Visit the remaining missions in California: San Antonio de Padua, San Miguel Arcángel, San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, La Purísima Concepción, Santa Inés, Santa Barbara, San Buenaventura, San Fernando Rey de España, San Gabriel Arcángel, San Juan Capistrano.


  • Dive into my Anaphora Arts residency. completed August 2022
  • Purchasing a pro account at SoundCloud. completed August 2020
  • What to focus on for a Writeropolis YouTube and/or podcast. completed July 2020
  • Building a Silent Book Club for Las Vegas. completed July 2020
  • Writing a tutorial on utilizing WordPress multisite for a fanlisting collective as I’ve done with Sunday Blues. completed May 2020
  • Finish reposting content from the previous incarnation of Raconteuse. completed February 2020
  • Creating reusable and “on brand” social media images for all projects. completed February 2020
  • Moving over to https for my domains. completed January 2020
  • I’m about 3 months away from paying off my car. completed December 2019
  • Obtaining my First Aid/CPR/AED certification through the American Red Cross. completed September 2019