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Sincere Sundays: Poppy, succulents, & homework

Proud of myself for staying on top of this! Poppy Poppy - Am I a Girl? I know I'm super late hopping on the Poppy train, but I really dig her vibe. "I Disagree" is her latest record, but I think "Am I a Girl?" (pictured to the right) is probably her most commercial sounding album. I'll always have a soft spot for "Lowlife" from Bubblebath EP because my boyfriend dedicated it to me once. #corny I like the identity she's created for herself. The dichotomy of fluffy, genderless beauty, frolicking in different genres but graduating to the metal/industrial sounds…

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Tips on Relocating Your Life

Moving is an inevitable part of life. Check out some of my tips to consider when you're moving out. Packing the Goods When packing boxes, create a Word doc or Excel sheet and record the items that end up in that box. Label each box A-1, A-2, A-3 (e.g.- kitchen 1, kitchen 2, kitchen 3, etc,) and pop that info next to the list of items in the box. When you need to find something specific, just ctrl-F to figure out which box it is in if you're not ready to open every box.Pack bathroom & kitchen essentials last. Include…

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Internal Interview Questions to Ask the Hiring Manager

I've interviewed for tons of jobs over the years. One thing that always tripped me up was the simplest of questions: "Do you have any questions for me?"Hiring Manager Oftentimes, they do cover the questions I have going into the interview. But, it's always nice to have other options to fall back on when you're in the heat of the moment. Here are 50 options for you to consider when your go-to won't suffice. Buy this book! By the by, mine is always "what's the dress code?" as I often worked in uniformed corporate environments. I now refuse to work…

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15 Tips on How to Feel Safe in Your Own Home

I've had this in my files for ages, and it's time to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it! Buy this book on and support indie bookstores! One of my favorite books is "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin de Becker. It's a deep dive into people who did not trust their instinct and unknowingly put themselves in danger. It got me thinking about what I've done with my own life and how anyone - whether you're a single woman living on her own for the first time or you have a growing family - could make…

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Sincere Sundays: Chromatica, Morning Pages, and contest fees

Sincere Sundays is something that's been kicking around in my head lately. I feel like I'm not consciously aware of things that I'm grateful for anymore. Every day feels like a grind. And everything that I've read about wellness is setting your intentions. So I'm going to take a few Sundays every month to bring those intentions to light. Chromatica by Lady Gaga Chromatica by Lady Gaga This world is a hot mess but listening to Chromatica is such a delightful throwback to my childhood. Just pure, unadulterated dance music. I think it's the perfect escape from everything going on…

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69 Financially Conscious (Okay, Cheap) Date Night Ideas

Taking your significant other out on a date is a fundamental part of getting to know one another. You're testing the waters, and you want to see if they're into the same things you are. People significantly change when thrown into social situations. Take me, for example, I avoid them at all costs, and I have to pump myself up to do anything where there are loads of people. I remind myself that I'm the NPC in these other people's lives, as they are in mine. What they do doesn't affect me. My boyfriend and I have our ups and…

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29 Ways to Stay Creative

I've been carrying this infographic for ages. I figured it was time to share with my fellow creatives. I know, I know; another list. But truthfully, I have employed almost all of these tactics at one point or another in my writing life, and they've helped. This graphic is pretty though, so that's why I posted it! 29 ways to stay creative Make listsCarry a notebook everywhereTry free writingGet away from the computerQuit beating yourself upTake breaksSing in the showerDrink coffeeListen to new musicBe openSurround yourself with creative peopleGet feedbackCollaborateDon't give up...Practice, practice, practiceAllow yourself to make mistakesGo somewhere newCount…

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