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If you had a freeway billboard, what would it say?

If you had a freeway billboard, what would it say?

But if you’ve lost your faith in love and music, oh, the end won’t be long

Because if it’s gone for you, well, I too may lose it, and that would be wrong.

It’s from my favorite Libertines song, The Good Old Days, from their “Up the Bracket” album.

Have courage and be kind,

a computer generated autograph of my name, Guilliean

Published by Guilliean Pacheco

Guilliean Pacheco (she/her) is a Filipino-American full-stack writer by day and raconteuse by night. She earned her M.F.A. in Writing from the University of San Francisco and is an Anaphora Arts poetry fellow. She's also a member of AIR, ACES, IWW FJU, and Uproot. She’s a misplaced California girl who lives in Las Vegas normally, if one could call living there normal, on Southern Paiute land. Virgo sun, Aquarius moon, Libra rising.

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