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7 things I continue to discover about my writing process

7 things I continue to discover about my writing process


As a writer, I know that writing is more than putting words together to form sentences.

The medium of writing has longed helped me to discover new aspects of myself and my abilities.

Writing was my comfort when I had no one to depend on.

The rock upon which I built my identity.

I took my passion for writing as far as a master’s degree in creative writing.

But it’s come into sharp relief in the past year.

I’d like to share seven things that I’ve learned about myself as a writer so far along in my career.

1. Writing is hard work

Writing is a challenging task.

Producing quality content takes a lot of time, effort, and commitment.

However, the satisfaction that comes with completing a piece of writing is worth the effort.

I’ve relearned to appreciate the process of writing and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it.

2. I’m more creative than I thought possible

I used to think that creativity was something that I always had and all I had to do was tap into it on command.

This thought process isn’t true.

But I’ve realized that I’m more creative than I thought.

Writing allows me to explore my imagination, develop unique ideas, and is my chosen medium to share those ideas with the world.

3. Discipline is not the enemy

Consistency is critical when it comes to writing.

To produce quality content, a writer must be disciplined and committed to the task.

I’ve learned that I can’t shirk my responsibilities as a writer if this is what I want to do with my life, and I do.

I always kept my passion for writing separate from my day job, and now it’s my day job and the transition hasn’t been as easy as I thought it would be.

I’m in the process of incorporating new methods into my daily routine that helps me stay on track and meet my goals.

4. The struggle with perfectionism and self-doubt is real

As a writer, the trap of perfectionism and self-doubt remains.

What if no one likes what I write?

Why can’t I turn out perfect drafts from the start?

These thoughts and feelings are completely normal and I’m fully equipped to overcome them.

But it’s easier to fall into the trap than get out of it.

It’s not easy.

Perfectionism is the weapon I used to keep the world at bay since I was a kid, before I even knew that’s what I was doing.

Perfectionism was the shadow in my footfalls.

I’m pushing myself to embrace imperfection and focus on progress rather than perfection.

5. This thing that I do is therapy for me

Writing is therapeutic.

The medium allows me to express my thoughts and emotions in a cathartic and healing way.

Through writing, I understand myself better and I’m able to name what’s harming me to process my emotions.

6. I’m more than capable of writing in different genres

I used to think I could only write in a specific style or genre.

I mean, every writer has a beat, even if you’re not a journalist.

However, I have the desire to write in different styles and genres throughout this journey.

I’m open to expanding my horizons and am fully equipped to explore fresh, creative avenues.

7. I’ll never stop learning

Writing is a continuous learning process.

There is always room for improvement, and I constantly strive to improve my writing skills.

I’m open to feedback and criticism and know that I should be using them to grow as a writer.


Writing continues to help me discover new things about who I am as a living, breathing human being.

Writing taught me to appreciate the process, embrace imperfection, and focus on progress.

Writing has become a therapy for me, and I’m constantly pushing myself to improve my skillset.

Have courage and be kind,

a computer generated autograph of my name, Guilliean

Published by Guilliean Pacheco

Guilliean Pacheco (she/her) is a Filipino-American full-stack writer by day and raconteuse by night. She earned her M.F.A. in Writing from the University of San Francisco and is an Anaphora Arts poetry fellow. She's also a member of AIR, ACES, IWW FJU, and Uproot. She’s a misplaced California girl who lives in Las Vegas normally, if one could call living there normal, on Southern Paiute land. Virgo sun, Aquarius moon, Libra rising.

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