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Photo by Karen Uppal on Unsplash

Ursula Rising: The Female Problem in Renaissance Italy as seen in ‘The Borgias’

Let's make one thing clear: Ursula Bonadeo is a fictional character in the greater scheme of Borgia history, a composition of the women Cesare romanced during his time. However, I have a humongous problem with her. She is the weakest female character on the show, and poorly constructed. I don't blame the actress Ruta Gedmintas. She is doing her job by working with the script and direction given. Ursula is first introduced as the wife of a nobleman. They meet at the wedding reception of Cardinal Cesare Borgia's sister Lucrezia to Giovanni Sforza. They dance together, even after Signore Bonadeo…

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11 things i learned from pokemon, featuring Charmander, Pikachu, and Bulbasaur

11 Things I Learned from Pokémon

Pokémon came out when I was in high school. I wasn't the target audience. But I was drawn to the characters, the monsters that fit in my pocket, and the adventures and hijinks they got into together every day. A cynical person will say that cartoons are meant for kids. But a great cartoon brings joy to anyone who watches it and teaches you something new about yourself. With the surge of popularity - and my devoted attention to the mobile game Pokémon Go - I began to look deeper at the stories the show was trying to tell. I've…

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