Month: October 2020

nathalie emmanuel as artemis hansen

Undisclosed Desires

She instinctively reached out for him, her ranger. Behind her closed eyes, she realized he was not there. The room was dark, but she could see the lights from the street below filling the room. The clock on the wall stated that it was 5:43 AM. Max - senior-aged at this point but forever a puppy - snuffled in his sleep at the movement of his mistress. She whispered in the dark, "Herc?"The lines in his face are deeper, craggier if that were possible. But it was him. He was leaning against the floor-to-ceiling window frame, cool to the touch…

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there is no shelter from the storm

There is No Shelter from the Storm: My Naming Convention for Pokémon Go

I picked up Pokémon Go on July 7, 2016, because I wanted to relive my childhood. I had to share a GameBoy with my kid brother, and I watched him defeat the Elite Four of the Kanto region back in the day. We couldn’t afford a separate GameBoy for me, so I played his saved files. I watched the first season religiously. I wrote fanfiction. We collected cards, but we didn’t get far because, again, we were poor. I learned the Poké Rap. I collected the soundtracks. I memorized types. I favored water and psychic types. Still do! I have…

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Stars in Concert

Stars in Concert (Boulevard Theater)

Vegas is never short on entertainment. We boast some of the most diverse types of entertainment: musicals, Cirque du Soleil, magic, and so forth. One that sticks out to me is impersonator shows, or even shows co-opt another style, like Human Nature or Rock of Ages. My friend and her husband invited me to a show at the Boulevard Theater called Stars in Concert. It was an impersonator show. They featured Elton John, Dolly Parton, Michael Jackson, Elvis, and a send-up of the Blues Brothers. I thought their Michael Jackson could've done better vocally (and makeup-wise), but altogether not too…

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Mutya Keisha Siobhan


Saying goodbye to 2014 with my annual end-of-the-year mixtape. G.U.Y. by Lady GagaCabaret (featuring Drake) by Justin TimberlakeLay Down in Swimming Pools by Mutya Keisha SiobhanBarely Standing (featuring Datsik & Sabi) by DiploGust of Wind by Pharrell WilliamsLove Will Tell Us Where to Go by Bridgit MendlerExpress Yourself (featuring Nicky Da B) by DiploOn the Metro by Girls AloudSomething New by Girls AloudPrimitive by Róisín MurphyGush by Pharrell WilliamsCaught in a Moment by Mutya Keisha SiobhanWondaland by Janelle MonáeBlack City Parade by IndochineDon’t Hold the Wall by Justin Timberlake

hayley atwell as matilda archer

Miracle & Magician

"I didn't realize the weather would be quite this oppressive, darling," the well-dressed lady said to the man beside her in the carriage. She waved a gloved hand in front of her face, trying to excite the dull air into breathable oxygen. "I think I left my fan in my trunk. Oh goodness, it's positively unbearable." "Uncle Thomas did warn us in our last correspondence that we probably should've come sooner, but you are fully aware of the trouble I ran into securing our passage," he reminded her, looking out the window at the wide-open prairie. He smiled at her.…

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so few want to be rebels anymore

The Books are Burning… What Are You Going to Do About It?

I have been an avid devourer of books since I was a child. My hunger to read new material got so awful that I would read the phone book. Not the numbers so much, but the information that the book held. I truly believe there is only one literary work that should be considered the greatest literary work of all time. It is called “Fahrenheit 451.”  Written in the early fifties, the story is set in a dystopian future. Firefighters don’t put fires out; they create them to burn books. The protagonist of the novel, Guy Montag, is one such…

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