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Best Year Ever 2017: Photographs

2017 was a big blur, like I’m sure I’m going to be saying over the next few days. I was not where I needed to be financially, so I had to severely scale back in my road trips. And you know how much I live for road trips. And because I was forced to stepped back, I looked at what was in front of me differently. At least I tried to. Choosing my top 5 favorite photos that I’ve taken this year was easy. Top left: My neighborhood. A red sun rises; blood has been spilled this night. Top right: El Cortez during the Mint 400. Basically, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in real life. Middle left: My dog Jack, as if you didn’t know. Mr. Steal Yo’ Girl. Middle right: Jellyfish at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Bottom: Red Rock Canyon during the American Dreams literary festival.