Why join the guest list?

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I’m currently building my newsletter empire, beginning with the appropriately titled Gilly Gram.

Why Join the Guest List at Gilly Gram? 

I’ve got three reasons why you should subscribe.

  1. It’s free.
  2. I’m a cool person.
  3. You’re a cool person.

What else do you need to know?

What Happens When I Become a Patron?

Rather than futzing around with Patreon or Indiegogo, I chose Substack for patron funding. Here is what I offer.

  • Access to the subscription-only Flashback Friday.
  • Adblock forgiveness: your continued support of Gilly Gram lets me keep ads off Raconteuse, Writeropolis Industries, and the Docket
  • Paid subscriptions are put right back into my sites: my patrons fund the monthly server and yearly domain fees.
  • Monthly Q&A chat via Discord: I have a Discord created for my online projects, but my patrons can chat with me in a private room on the server on a specific day each month. 
  • Twitter: If you tell me your Twitter handle, I’ll follow you back and give you a little shoutout. 
  • Linkage: I will post one link of yours under Connections for as long as you’re a patron.
  • A warm welcome: I will always mention new patrons in the free publication.