The book I’m currently reading

Post 10 of 13 A few months ago, I hit up a library book sale, and made out like a thief. Picked up 9 books and a ton of sheet music for $7 bones. I’m planning on hitting more as I hear about them, but I am running out of space already on my bookshelves! I picked up this book, Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories by Agatha Christie, because I had always been meaning to get into Miss Marple. It’s a subtle reminder as to why I love the short story form. It’s just too good. I’ll post a proper review on a Tea for Two Thursday as soon as I’ve finished it.

Why I Write

Post 9 of 13 This post’s quote is by Flannery O’Connor, a lovely short story writer: I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say. This is achingly true for me. Sometimes, I think so fast that the words come out garbled if I were to speak them, or my throat does its weird thing and closes up on me and I can’t get the words out at all. I write because I must. I write because I have to express myself. I write because it physically pains me to keep it locked up inside. Sometimes, I can get into such a groove that time falls away. There’s nobody but me and the paper in front of me, the ink on that blank page, or the text in a doc file. I’ve got music pounding in my ears, but all it does is keep…

Where I want to be next year

Post 8 of 13 This time next year, I want to be doing this blogathon again. Hopefully, more people will want to support and participate it. This time next year, I want to have my digital literary journal – City of Writers – up and running. This time next year, I want to have been published again. This time next year, I want to have applied for a fellowship somewhere. This time next year, I hope to attend a conference, whether it’s be D23 or something writing-related. This time next year, I want a vacation. This time next year, I hope the good people in my life are still there. And for a bit of inspiration for this upcoming year to help me accomplish those goals: FOCUS. Where do you want to be this time next year?

Self-care ideas

Post 7 of 13 Self-care is so important nowadays. I know, it sounds like I’m merely parroting what other people say, but sometimes, you just have to do you. Listen to that one song. Repeat. Talk to a friend. Or pet. (Wait, those are synonyms) Comfort food Fold laundry (repetition + productivity = calm) Write. Or draw. Play like a kid. Silly putty, bubbles, Lego, cartoons, coloring… Make your bed. Fresh sheets! Drink cocoa by the fireplace. Don’t forget the marshmallows! Look up funny memes Compliment someone and watch their face light up. Take a shower. Better yet, soak in the tub with a magazine Read a book. Bonus points if it has pictures. Make something without caring whether it’s “good” Have a good cry, but keep it short. Use the expensive tissues. Buy yourself a smallish gift, just because. Forgive yourself for what you couldn’t do today, and resolve…