Next Stop Heaven by Nobody’s Angel

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Tuneful Tuesdays are my weekly song recommendations of the moment. But don’t expect the latest, hottest thing. A lot of it will be classics and throwbacks from the extensive jukebox in my head.

I was listening to my Teen Pop Mix from my Genius Mixes in iTunes and this one shuffled up. I’m still furious that iTunes won’t let you transfer Genius Mixes to your music player of choice. My Genius Mixes are awesome if I do say so myself.

“Nobody’s Angel” (the album) was a solid pop and disco debut album. Their samples of Kool and the Gang were indicative of the time period of the late 90s pop flush. There’s something about that era of time in pop music – and my life, really – that makes me so happy. I can put on anything from that time, pop, or rap, or even nu metal, and instantly be taken back.

I’m really sad the original group split after one album. I was hoping they would release a second album with the next Angels, one of whom was Jennie Kwan from California Dreams, but it never came to be. They had a lot of potential. Their demos from their never-released second album leaked on the Internet, and they were less disco-y, heavier on the vocals.

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