Server downtime

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My site has been down due to a power glitch since about 230pm. Here I am, on a time sensitive mission, and kerplunk! So I am writing this in Google Keep, while I’m waiting for service to be restored. I’m kinda glad it wasn’t of my doing.

It would’ve been an ego boost though. In the back of my mind, I was like, “oh, maybe people are actually reading my stuff and overloaded the server.” Then I could’ve scolded everyone for messing things up! Alas, that is not the case.

Web hosting is such a tough business. I don’t regret it. I prefer full control on my server, even if it means being at the mercy of a data center. I know what I like. I don’t like my site to look like anyone else’s. I don’t want to be nickel and dimed for the most basic options on a self-hosted setup. If I’m spending money on my site, it’s going to be for a good reason.

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