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Speaking of sleep, I’ve been falling asleep to podcasts lately. There’s something about the calm, even tone of a podcaster’s voice that relaxes me. I used to use a white noise app. Worked wonders. But then I heard the sound of pages turning in a book and I woke right up. Kinda strange. 

Right now, I’m subbed to Don’t Keep Your Day Job, The History of Literature, Poetry Off the Shelf, Stuff You Missed in History Class and the Nerdist. 

I almost wish I didn’t fall asleep to them cause they’re all really good. I’d do a podcast, but I don’t even know what I’d talk about. I’m not sure what I could chat about forever. 

… That’s not true. I could think of a million things. But what could I chat about that people would listen to is the crux of the situation. 

In writing, we’re constantly being told to write the story we’d wanna read and not to care about the audience. But if nobody reads your stuff, what’s the point? Writing – like blogging – is a business. The endgame is to make money. 

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