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Dem Hunger Pangz

Them hunger pangs. The ones that make you wish you could take flight.
To walk away from everything you have ever known.
Into another universe, to live, to thrive, to love.
It gets you deep in your gut, the first spark of a combustion engine.
It envelopes you like a gust of wind,
The synapses in your brain firing every second,
Urging you to keep moving.
Your feet are bleeding, willing you to move in the other direction, to fail.
But you cannot. You will not. The hunger pangs keep you going.
You’re not quite undead, but for all intents and purpose, this world is.
But you are not the world. You are fantastic.
Fight them all off and keep moving forward.
You are honor bound to finish this journey.
You gasp for air, to feel joy in the mundane, sing in moving vehicles.
Tomorrow is another day.