Pale Orchid

1 min read

Truly happy people are sickening
No one is ever that happy all the time
Life is short. Forgive quickly.
Love truly, laugh uncontrollably.
And never regret anything that made you smile.

What if I want to?
I let the rage fester, poisoning my conscious
Blistering pustules of fear infect my exterior
It feels so good to be bad
Fighting against the pure, the innocent, the youth
To protect the one inside
From the unknown

Victim of my circumstance
Product of my birth
Means nothing to me.
I had an uneventful childhood and opportunities
Squandered it on vice and gilded antiquities

It used to make me sad
To dwell on the things that I have lost
I have become hardened against the good
In order to restore what was gained

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