Episode 15: All Around the World, Part II

For backstory, peep The Alliance of Destiny: A Virtual TV Series.

Written and Directed by Humaira K and Gill P

Guest starring

David Anders as Julian Sark
Shiri Appleby as Anastasia Darcy
Nicholas Brendon as Xander Harris
Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
Jason Issacsas Lucius Malfoy
Keira Knightley as Meliza Masterson
Bonnie Wright as Ginny Weasley

“There!” Wes said triumphantly. They had come upon a room at the end of the rather long hallway. It was large and spacious and was a shrine of some sort to a well-preserved statue.

“I bet we’re the only people to have seen this in centuries,” Sydney whispered appreciatively.

Wesley began to dig around the base of the statue and the others bent down to help him.

“Where’s Buffy?” said Sydney suddenly.

In their haste at turning right at the fork in the dirt hallway, they hadn’t even made sure that they were all still together.

Angel paused and looked up. “Where is she?”

“It’s here,” Wes cried out madly, brushing the last few specks of dirt from the obsidian cover to reveal what was undeniably a book. He muttered the words etched on the book and cried, “Yes!” He looked up from his jubilation to see the horror-stricken faces of his companions. He took a quick head count and his face fell. “Where’s Buffy?”

* * *

The night was warm, an indication that summer was almost upon them. The DA had been given special permission to stay out as long as Xander deemed necessary. He didn’t expect much activity as it wasn’t news that the Slayer and her team were away.

“OK guys. Spread out. Remember in practice how we staked Spike? Well the vamps and demons out here won’t be as civil as Spike. All they want is your blood or for you to get out of the way. Now, if it’s undead or a demon, kill it,” ordered Xander as he scanned the darkness for any signs of unlife.

“So 1, 2, 3, take my hand and come with me/because you look so fine/and I really wanna make you mine”

They’d gone off in pairs to minimise the risks but still the threat was there. Ron, Harry and Hermione kept an eye out for there less experienced comrades. They knew what to expect. The others didn’t.

Suddenly out of the darkness a vampire lunged for Ginny, but she expertly kicked him in the groin using a roundhouse kick, used her body weight to push him onto the ground and staked him.

“Ginny,” said Ron astonished at the strength in his baby sister’s body.

“What?” she asked innocently, “it’s not that hard.”

“I just wish you weren’t out here. Mum’ll kill me if she ever finds out,” grumbled Ron as he helped her up.

“Yeah well, you can’t protect me forever Ron. No one could protect me from Tom, so I have to learn to protect myself,” said Ginny fiercely as she marched away leaving a startled Ron in her wake.

“I say you look so fine/that I really wanna make you mine”

“Hey Mel, I think I see something,” said Anastasia. Mel squinted in the darkness.

“Nope, I don’t see anything.”

Two vampires crashed into the two girls, eliciting screams from Anastasia as she struggled against the vampire’s considerable weight.

“Oh, 4, 5, 6 c’mon and get your kicks/now you don’t need that money/when you look like that, do ya honey”

Mel was already struggling but managed to keep a cool head as she remembered Xander’s advice to use her body as a weapon. Within minutes she had the vampire pinned and staked.

Harry made his way over to the source of the screams and tried to wrestle Anastasia out of the vampire’s grip. The vampire growled as he flung Anastasia and Harry simultaneously so that Harry landed on top of Anastasia.

For what seemed like an eternity they just gazed into each other’s eyes before Anastasia said, “Close your eyes.”

Harry did and Anastasia had staked the vampire that had nearly bitten Harry.

“Big black boots/long brown hair/she’s so sweet/with her get back stare”

“Are you OK?” said Harry a little shakily helping Anastasia up.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks for coming.”

“Thanks for saving my life.”

Anastasia smiled but then her face hardened as the vampires kept coming and they were thrown back into battle.

“On second thought, looks like the word’s out about Buffy,” said Xander breathily as he and Spike joined the fray once more.

“Well I could see/you home with me/but you were with another man, yea!/I know we/ain’t got much to say/before I let you get away, yea/I said, are you gonna be my girl?”

* * *

“Aw crap,” Buffy murmured to herself. She went to the left at the fork in the tunnel and soon came upon a crypt.

“Yuk,” she said aloud, her voice echoing again.

Buffy carefully placed her torch in a holder near the entrance into the wide room. She began to explore the room using the light from her torch.

“Wesley said something about a tomb. Maybe the book is here! Dawnie is safe!” she said excitedly.

She ran towards the closest coffin she could find, disregarding the words etched in a foreign language on its cover, and heaved open the lid. A smoky white puff of air hit her in the face.

“This is not good,” Buffy muttered, and she knew no more.

“‘Got a black magic woman, ‘got a black magic woman/I’ve got a black magic woman, ‘got me so blind I can’t see/That she’s a black magic woman, she’s try’n to make a devil out of me.”

* * *

“We have explosive.”

“I want that book before the Slayer gets it,” hissed Voldemort. It had been a week since Sark and Lucius had deemed it necessary for the Dark Lord to know of their plan. They had omitted certain parts of the Prophecy so that it only came across that he needed the sacrifice and
the Book.

“But, my lord we don’t know where the book is,” said Lucius, his eyes still downcast.

“I don’t care. Find it, Lucius. I want that book!” screamed Voldemort.

“As you wish my Lord,” said Lucius before Apparating away.

“Where are we going Julian?” queried Lucius. Sark had just told him to pack for hotter climates and to be ready to use his wand at a moments notice.

“Argentina,” said Sark smiling maliciously.

“We have explosive”

* * *

“Buffy! Buffy!” Wesley, Sydney, Pedro, and Angel called frantically as they tore out of the statue chamber with the book tucked safely in Wesley’s bag.

When they reached the fork, they ran down the opposite hallway and were horrified to see Buffy’s lifeless body, which had slithered to the floor when she fainted.

Angel abandoned his torch – which extinguished – as he ran to Buffy’s side.

“Buffy?” he said shaking her awake. She was still alive, he could smell it. But he smelled something else that he couldn’t quite place.

Sydney joined him. “Buffy please. Wake up!” she urged her friend.

Buffy began to blink and sputter violently, as the soul within her breathed fresh air for the first time in centuries.

“Who is Buffy?” Buffy asked. “I am Otrere.”

“Turn your back on me baby, turn your back on me baby/Yes, don’t turn your back on me baby, Stop messin’ ’round with your tricks/Don’t turn your back on me, baby, you just might pick up my magic sticks.”

* * *

“We have explosive”

Sark climbed back into the jeep and gunned the engine.

“My contacts have told me that one of their guides, Pedro Contreras, was tasked to escort four people into the rainforest,” Sark explained to Lucius, who was sitting beside him in the jeep. “Four people bearing close resemblance to Miss Bristow, the Slayer, the vampire, and the English fellow I saw at the Shrieking Shack.”

“The sun will come out soon, son,” Lucius said, watching the sky. “Perhaps we should begin surveillance on their hotel.”

“Right, Father,” Sark replied. “The vampire will not last a minute in the light.”

“Have you spoken to anyone about the Passenger?”

Sark grinned. “Funny you should ask. Miss Santos herself will meet us in the hotel bar for drinks and some light conversation.”

Sark took a sharp turn and guided the jeep to the metropolitan hotel Kate Jones and her party were registered at in Buenos Aires.

“We have explosive”

* * *

“I’ve decoded the message on the tomb. ‘The soul trapped within has but one purpose: to avenge the death of her tribe before the rise of the next full moon,'” Wesley said in his professor voice.

“Then we have to stomach this Otrere character for a few weeks,” Angel said shrugging, “no big deal.”

“You didn’t let me finish,” Wes accused him.

They were draped around the stuffy crypt of former Amazon warriors, ripped from their homeland and buried here to be forgotten, while Pedro attended to Otrere nearby.

“If Otrere doesn’t avenge her tribe, then Buffy will die and Otrere will take her place.”

“What?” Sydney asked. “We can’t let that happen.”

“It’s been centuries since Otrere was entombed. The murderers of her people have been dead longer than me!” Angel added.

“Perhaps Otrere will kill the ancestors,” Wesley supplied sadly.

“There’s got to be another way!” Sydney exclaimed.

“I think the best course of action would be for all of us, Otrere included, to return with the Book of the Dead to Hogsmeade. That’s what we came here for,” Wesley explained.

Sydney checked her watch and glanced at Angel, her heart heavy with what she knew. “We’d better hurry. It’s almost dawn.”

“‘Got your spell on me baby, ‘got your spell on me baby/Yes, you got your spell on me baby, turning my heart into stone/I need you so bad, magic woman, I can’t leave you alone.”

* * *

They hadn’t lost even one kid, which was a first for Xander. Not all of them had come back unharmed though. Some of the kids were sporting various cuts and bruises and had been instructed to go to the Hospital Wing to heal. Xander was largely fine, nothing that needed fixing as he and Spike made their way home.

“Only you came when I needed a friend/Believed in me through thick and thin/This song is for you/Filled with gratitude and love.”

“Xander!” called out Anastasia after bidding good night to Meliza and blushing as she looked at Harry.

“Yeah?” he said easily motioning Spike to go a little further ahead so he could talk to Anastasia.

“Tonight was incredible and I feel really powerful, although a little sore,” said Anastasia laughing, “I just wanted to say thanks for letting me and Mel come tonight. It was interesting in more ways then one.”

“Glad I could help,” said Xander smiling.

“Hey Xander, I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said and what my therapist said and I’m letting go of a lot of things. So thanks for that,” said Anastasia kissing his cheek.

“No problem, if Dawnie had done that I’d have done the same for her.”


“Dawn, Buffy’s little sister. We’ve always just treated her like our little sister since most of us are only children. But she’s grown up a lot, despite making some stupid mistakes. But then all of us have,” sighed Xander heavily.

Anastasia nodded solemnly and turned to go back to her dorm but then stopped and said, “Xander? Would it be OK if I think of you as a big brother too?”

“I’d be honoured Anastasia,” said Xander glowing with pride.

Anastasia turned back to make her way again. Spike butted out his cigarette and couldn’t keep the smile off his face.

“God bless you/You make me feel brand new/For God bless me with you/ You make me feel brand new/I sing this song ’cause you/Make me feel brand new.”

Fade out

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