Viva Elvis (Aria)

On Monday night, I got comp tickets to see Viva Elvis, which I did with my pal M.

I enjoyed the show, only because I love Elvis. However, it might’ve played better in Vegas if this was twenty years ago. Watching it reminded me that no one like him represents Vegas anymore. Vegas is such a corporate town, the fact that Cirque de Soleil produced the show notwithstanding, or the fact that I work in that atmosphere here.

If Viva Elvis was playing at another hotel, it might’ve made sense. But seeing the nostalgia of the show, and then experiencing the cold, unfeeling post-modern vibe of CityCenter didn’t mesh well to me. Another show should be in Aria’s showroom, not Viva Elvis. An abstract Cirque show, not a fun, breezy representation of Elvis.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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