If I could, I would give my eyes back to God
Return to sender, address unknown
To remove from me the grief that comes
With being slightly blind in everyday situations
These pinpricks of space that adjust appropriately
To the dark, to the light, unto the breach
Can’t see the leaf on the wind, watch how it soars
Tired of seeing halfway, can’t meet you there neither
I can’t get anything right.

Exile on Fulton Street

Oakland/Union City/Modesto/Vegas
mixed my blood
Gasoline and fire
To my words and music.

I shall return to dust
rocks, palm trees, tumbleweeds
Herald my arrival
So many pages to a person.

Insatiable hunger
Unstable thoughts
Move onto the next
Stiff breeze on my neck.

Unfolded dreams revised for the crowd
Origami cranes blanket the Pacific
Rumbling wheels impart us with melodies
Ponds separate us with their secrets.

Everyone is Equal, But Some Are More Equal Than Others

In death, we treat everyone the same
Undeserved of the textbook
definition of respect, in life.

You are the ones
we slurred for your political opinions,
judged harshly for your dead bedrooms,
pitied the victims you shamelessly stomped
as you walked your Yellow Brick Road.

Conversations drop an octave
when the obituary is published.
Truth benders erupt from the woodwork
Praising the specters of a life well lived.
Truly a life lived unwell, full stop.

Death does not pass go.
Never let go of the truth.
The scars they left survive.
Let them remind you everyday.


twenty four hours in a day
twenty four years since

riots serenaded the streets of LA
that powder keg of corruption
safety of unreality violated
blue and red combined
made purple, united
against the tyranny
of the 5-0

we lived six hours away
working class neighborhood
southside Modesto
I can see your face cringe
all the way over here
when I tell people where I lived.

never thought it was that close
until the house down the block
had black and whites
crowding our quiet street

red and blue lights pulsing
imprinting in my brain
that damned song worming
its way into consciousness

breaking off my innocence with it.

Sentimental x Unsentimental

The stars in the skies
Dripped into your eyes
Like the beautiful ones
Hold you when you’re done.

I’m in this for love
Not procreation
Fallen angels, righteous sins
Enveloped above
Raptured in misdirection.

Baby it’s you
It’s always been you
From the moment I breathed
You in like a fog
Trip me in the dark
And into your arms.


And another one
Pound me like a drum
Brush the ivory
Got me singing harmony
That beast with two backs
Coiled like a snake
Make it worth your while
Kisses loaded with guile
Write a silly symphony
Under the cherry blossom tree.

Harmony Palatial

Typing up my notes from this semester, came across this poem from my seminar where the prompt was 3 different emotional registers, 4 lines each.

Pink colored chlorophyll
Sunshine blue marker
Concrete easel
Another one

Eurydice walkabout
Under the jazz promenade
Beatrice says hello
Measure for measure

A forest lies honestly
Mirrors seek wrinkles
Presidential silence
Elephantine stretch

All good things must come to an end

The end of the semester is upon me! I’m excited to actually have a summer off. Of course, summer off means different things to different people. Me, I have planned weekly activities. This is my last summer in the Bay Area as a local. I might as well enjoy it while I can.

On Monday, I had an appointment with my doctor about my asthma. I noticed right around the season change, my breathing became impossible. Turns out there’s something in the air aggravating everyone’s asthma in the South Bay. The rain is kicking up some nasty shit. I got some training on how to use my emergency albuterol inhaler properly too. Apparently, you’re supposed to keep your lips wrapped around it while you breathe it in, not pull it away super fast. Doc said you lose 30% while using it, so by holding it in, you get the maximum amount. What a waste though. This whole time I was doing it incorrectly! He prescribed me a daily inhaler called Breo Ellipta to use first thing in the morning as well.

I am already showing improvement on the asthma because of the Breo Ellipta. I outwalked Jack on our walk today. I haven’t done that in months. I was always trying to find the shortest roundtrip route because I would get breathless very easily and not even my albuterol would help. Today we walked to kingdom come: 2.52 miles roundtrip, woo! Plus I’ve found my voice again. I’m belting notes I haven’t hit in probably a year because of my asthma. But because I haven’t hit those notes, I can hear how off-key I am. Oops.
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