Playing catch-up


I’m sorry for not blogging for over a week. It’s been kind of crazy in my neck of the woods. But that would be an understatement, once you hear what went down.

My niece flew in from our adopted hometown to visit me on my days off. I got a complimentary room through work and we planned to go to the City for a few days before sending her back home, a fun little staycation for me and a nice midweek getaway for her. She doesn’t remember when we took her to the City when she was younger, and she wanted some memories of her own. I wanted to give that to her because I owe her a few years’ worth of Christmas and birthday presents.

Train him for the games… let him hope for a while… and blow him away

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I’m hard at work writing the last half of Electric Angels, a story I hope to put into my short story collection for my graduate thesis. I’m down to the wire as it’s due tomorrow, technically. I really hate procrastinating but I work better under pressure. Don’t judge me!

Instead of a regular entry, today I give you with this: Tron premiered on this day in 1982.


There’s a mystery underneath the neon light

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Not sure exactly what happened this week but I’m feeling super ill right now. I’m trying to replay what happened and I think it was the food I ate. I think I ate too richly. I typically eat very plain food, nothing too fancy. I had oatmeal and a glass of milk for breakfast, which I hadn’t had in ages. My stomach wasn’t having it! Lunch was pork tostados with chips and guac. My stomach wasn’t having any of it so I took an incredibly long nap to try and sleep it off. It helped settle my stomach, and I ate dinner which was rice, mini-chicken sandwiches and macaroni salad. I think I’m dehydrated though because I drank all my water already.

I’m re-examining my workout routine which is basically walking 2 miles in the morning with Jack. I don’t think I’m hydrating well enough. It’s funny, I make sure Jack is hydrated though. When I get cold water, I make sure he gets the lion’s share. I’m nice like that. I need coconut water or Gatorade, according to this list from Greatist. It’s like, “damn, another expense.”