Morning at the Office

Foggy forest

Stoic and upright in the throne
The electric seduction of mechanically cooled air
Blurs the punctured silence of ambiance
Doors open and close above and below
Never behind
Leaves on the tree hover between a kaleidoscope of evergreen
It’s time for a meal
Patience knowing the wait is a little longer
For the welcome respite of sixty tick-tocks
Vocabulary reeks of the sickly sweet smell of rubbish
Percolating under the California sun
Unsure if the madness makes sense
In the greater scheme of things.

How we plan to take over the planet

Apples, 2005, Gustav & Ulla Kraitz.

At my previous job, I had Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday off. Those were my days to do errands, chores, whatever. At my new position, I don’t have specific days off and my contract guarantees me a certain amount of hours. It evens out because I work day shift, so I have time to do stuff after work. But I’m quite often pooped at the end of the day so I’ll grab dinner, watch a movie streamed to my Apple TV & call it a night. In between taking care of Jack, of course.

This week, I got those days off. I decided to take full advantage.

On Tuesday, I took Idris in for her 80k maintenance/oil change. They found a significant – though not urgent – leak that affected the camplate/valve cover gasket. I told my Ma about it, because I needed someone to know and she and my Dad agreed to front the charges. Which I will be paying back when my financial aid refund comes in for this last semester. Instead of sitting in the dealership, I did what I usually do during my maintenance visits: hit the local mall. Cindy, the shuttle driver, is a cool chick. Friendly and warm. She’s always looking out for me, although she thought I drove a Fiat! Don’t tell Idris that, she won’t like it lol.
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I’m Terrible, or How I Spent My Summer Vacation

orchid at Filoli

As you may already know – or maybe you don’t – I am heading into my final semester in the MFA program for Writing at the University of San Francisco. Last summer, I took the first of two thesis classes, where you work one on one with an instructor. Your primary focus is to continue creating or begin revising the submission(s) for your thesis, which is required to graduate successfully and on time. This fall, I am to complete the second step of the thesis, where I am to focus on final revisions and formatting.

I tuned out this summer from nearly everything. When I should have been working on my thesis for real, I simply withdrew from reality. I’ve said it before. So much was going on in the real world (terrorist attacks, celebrity deaths, Black Lives Matter) that I couldn’t focus on myself or anything important to me. I couldn’t get a handle on my feelings. I went through the motions for most of the summer. I was selfish and did some fun things, but I don’t think I was selfish enough.

I also decided to begin a new chapter of my professional life by gaining employment at a local museum. That has literally been my dream since as long as I can remember. It’s surreal that I’m there. I’m learning new things everyday while applying what I already am a master (mistress) at. I feel like I might be able to thrive in that environment and I’m ready for the challenge.
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