Not Delivered

Not Delivered

Left you a message At your hotel Not sure if it reached you.  I wanted to say something When I saw you in the lobby   You looked marvelous My pride overpowered me  Rendered me m...

The Private Lives of Catholic Girls

The Private Lives of Catholic Girls

the cake is a lie. we carry no privacy. Madonna or whore, that’s all we will ever be to you. put me on a pedestal, go ahead. i’ll shoot you between the eyes vantage poi...

french fries & cigarettes

french fries & cigarettes

the distance between us. it’s palpable. the melodies left unheard, the heat of the skin untouched. i never have to wonder if there is anything greater or less than you. music...

A Home for a Song

A Home for a Song

My heels stink of desperation The path to a life out of my shell Turns my impure thoughts to mush The flames of war and destruction Etches a lens flare into my retinas Turtle heart...


A Swimming Pool to Remember
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My end of the year mixtape, which were culled from my “Top Track of 2013″ list on

Short Stories

Blue Bell Knoll: A Fairy Story
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Once upon a time – because all good fairy stories start out like that – there was a little girl. The little girl was blessed with hair as dark as the time before dawn, and eyes...


  • Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933)
    Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933)

    I decided to do a double feature of the original Mystery of the Wax Museum and its 50s remake, House of Wax. Mystery is a fun 30s romp… on the surface. I really only wanted t...

  • Suspiria

    Suspiria crashed into my heart like a trainwreck and I refused to look away. It basically combines my biggest fears: dogs that attack their owners (I love dogs so much, how could t...

  • Rosemary’s Baby
    Rosemary’s Baby

    Rosemary’s Baby is a movie everyone assumes you’ve seen if you claim to be a student of film. I don’t think I’ve ever discussed it in casual conversation. I...


Ursula Rising: The Female Problem in Renaissance Italy as seen in ‘The Borgias’
Ursula Rising: The Female Problem in Renaissance Italy as seen in ‘The Borgias’

Let me make one thing clear: Ursula Bonadeo is a fictional character in the greater scheme of Borgia history, a composition of the women Cesare romanced during his lifetime. Howeve...

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Seven Sins of the Sisters (2008)
This virtue teaches the ability to choose from right and wrong. Quite often, Third World women have no choice in the way they grasp the English language. There will always be a mental block as English is not their native language. But they have a choice: do they use their native tongue and be treated differently, attempt to learn the language and lose their native tongue, or even go as far as to create a third tongue. This photograph is definitely an ironic interpretation of the virtue, and was inspired by the 1999 movie, The Matrix.

I was born, baptized, and confirmed a Roman Catholic. There is a part of me that both agrees and disagrees with the way the Church works and its teachings. There is one thing that ...

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White Flag
White Flag

Rating: R, possibly NC-17 Category: Alternate Universe, Drama/Romance Summary: Draco finds out what happens when he falls for another Muggle-born. Disclaimer: Harry Potter characte...

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Graphic Design

My father’s cousin
My father’s cousin

My father gave me an old family photo of his long deceased cousin. As you can see in the original, it is a full-length body shot. He has bad eyesight, so he wanted me to focus on t...

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Little Lady Love (2010)
Little Lady Love (2010)

Cast Darlene Dalmaceda as “la comtesse” Norma Desmond (Guilliean Pacheco) as “la chanteuse d’opera” Griffin Dwyer as “l’accordeur de piano...

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