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What was your favorite toy as a child?

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Reruns of the original version of Muppet Babies was my absolute jam growing up. I have so many fond memories of watching that show even though I had aged out of Sesame Street by the time I started watching the reruns on Nickelodeon. Something about it was so much fun.

Miss Piggy as a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy from 1988

McDonald’s was giving out a Christmas version of the Muppet Babies circa 1988. I’ll never forget when I got my plush Miss Piggy in my Happy Meal. She and I were inseparable. I brought her everywhere. I didn’t have a lot of things I could call my own back in those days, so even something as cheap as a Happy Meal toy was something I cherished.

I love her so much that I remember taking her to my grandpa’s house in Union City and showing her off. A handful of my cousins and I were all born around the same time, and we really only saw each other during family celebrations. They saw each other often because they lived close to each other. Our family was in Modesto, which is about an hour away.

Being kids we were always scheming of ways to convince my parents to let me sleepover so that I could spend as much time with them as possible. It rarely worked out because the logistics of hauling me back and forth wasn’t conducive to our financial situation. We would always try and bargain though. I can think of less than a handful of times where my parents did leave me in the Bay.

This particular visit is when we got the brilliant idea that if we dropped Miss Piggy in the mud, we’d have to stay as long as possible to get her cleaned up before we could go. We dumped her in a puddle! We either dragged the hose from the side of the house or used a puddle of standing water. I don’t recall.

The only thing that happened was my thoroughly annoyed parents asking my aunt for a plastic shopping bag to haul Miss Piggy’s sodden plush frame back to Modesto.

Points for creativity though, right? Ha!

I’m not sure when I lost track of her as I did eventually outgrow her. I ended up buying one on eBay a few years ago. She’s in storage at the moment but I’m delighted that she’s back in my possession.

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