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What makes you laugh?

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Damn nearly everything makes me laugh. Shall I count the ways?

  • Callbacks to classic literature.
  • Standup comedians who punch up and not down. If you know, you know.
  • Physical comedy. Something about someone who uses their body or things around them for a gag cracks me up.
  • Pokémon memes. Looking at you, Cynthia’s Theme.
  • Bad dad jokes.
  • Good dad jokes.
  • Puns.
  • My bank account (ha!)
  • Cartoons are meant for kids, but the adults know what’s up like Phineas & Ferb, Gravity Falls.
  • Cartoons are meant for adults, but kids can watch with you, like Futurama, and Bob’s Burgers.
  • Absurd situations.
  • People who take their life too seriously. They’re ridiculous.
  • Inside jokes with my boyfriend.
  • Releasing gaseous material and blaming it on my unsuspecting dog.
  • My dog.
  • Making gigil when looking at my boyfriend and my dog.

What’s gigil? It’s a Tagalog/Tagalish word that goes hand in hand with this.

Gigil is a word used to describe the overwhelming feeling that comes over us when we see something cute.

Just pronounce giggle with a Filipino accent, and you’ll pronounce gigil correctly.

I always tell my boyfriend and dog that they’re so cute; they make me angry.

I took a Humor in Writing class for my grad program. I learned a lot and came away with great respect for humor as a profession. Humor as a genre is like any writing specialization: practice makes perfect.

Think of Saturday Night Live or any late-night talk show with an opening monologue. Those dudes have rooms FULL of professional humor writers who spend hours upon hours coming up with catchy, relevant, and deliverable jokes every goddamn day.

Speaking of punching down, people who don’t write professionally minimize a writer when they say, “oh, I’m funny; I could be a comedian.” Then you tell them to jump onstage or tell you a joke right then and there, and what happens? They freeze. Because being “funny” takes time.

It’s thinking of shit, writing down that shit, and rehearsing that shit.

Talk to any comedian, and you’ll learn they have notebooks full of jokes and funny stories to share. Just because they were funny when you wrote them down doesn’t mean an audience will dig them. I have great respect for people who make comedy their profession. It’s tough.

I try to find laughter wherever I can and in whatever I do. I may come off as quiet, but I have a humorous approach to life. In fact, many things that I laugh at don’t always make sense to others. Then I’m stuck explaining the joke. So I can’t share the laughs often. I so want to though!

Life would be more manageable if we could all laugh at the absurdity of it.

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