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What is your favorite part about yourself?

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My favorite part about myself is my ability to roll with things.

I rarely let things get to me. So when they do, it’s super serious shit, and get the fuck out of my way cause something’s about to go down.

To me, life’s too short to get bogged down in sadness.

Do you know that old saying? “Let things roll off your back like a duck in a rainstorm” or however it goes? That’s me.

I have an addictive personality. If I don’t consciously call myself out on something, I will obsess over something to the point of losing sleep over it. I’ll sit there, research, and pore over minuscule details… and for what? I’m either going to do the thing, it’s going to happen with or without me, or I can stop where I’m at and realize that whatever happens, happens.

It’s the perfectionist side of me. The one that doesn’t want to start something unless I know all the possible forks in the road and how I can handle them if they do occur whenever I take something on. I work hard to keep that side in check.

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