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What emoji(s) do you like to use?

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Naturally, as I’m sure others who are doing this prompt, I took a screenshot of my Frequently Used emojis.

My frequently used emojis

The laughing/crying one is definitely one I used to punctuate my feelings. I mean, you HAVE to laugh at the nonsense which is often what I bring out when I comment on things.

The sighing one (top line, second from right) is probably my new favorite one? I feel like letting out deep, meditative breaths is all one can do to get through the day sometimes.

On the second line, the furthest left (red-cheeked smile) is a favorite because to me, it conveys kind of a shy politeness. An aw-shucks emoji. The thumbs-up in my skin color is a great one. Sometimes that’s all you need.

I’m honestly surprised that the majority of the third line isn’t up higher. The purple devil, the thin-lined emoji, the grimacing one are deeply embedded in my emoji expression bank.

The heart eyes in the fourth line, as well as the crossed fingers, nail polish, and hand clap, should be up higher. Messed up the algorithm there!

My favorites from the fifth line are the praying hands, facepalm, mind blown, and crying. I feel like I use them muchly to emote. It’s mostly because things have been happening behind the scenes that I don’t care to dwell on but there’s the optimistic part of me that prays it comes through.

Do you have a favorite emoji? Feel free to comment with it if you can!

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