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Tutorial: An Intermediate Guide to Social Media Hashtags and How They Work with Examples!

You’re here because you’re someone who has a brand that encourages you to be active on social media, or you’re biting the bullet and building yours from the ground up.

If you’re like me, you post most of your content from your phone on the fly. Many big brands (and small ones, too!) use programs that allow them to post on a schedule. My favorite is Buffer (not an affiliate link). If you’re a one-person shop, don’t stress yourself and wonder if you need to have scheduled posts. You don’t. You’ve got enough on your plate!

Whether you like it or not, social media is a reliable way to bring traffic to your site. Therefore, you should be doing whatever you can to get eyes to what you’re trying to sell/do/say.

So it begins…

Now’s the time to do a little research. What keywords or hashtags could bring eyes to your posts? Brainstorm and Google what looks most popular for your topic. You could use something like Moz (not an affiliate link).

Conduct searches for your theme or niche, and you may come up with articles that give you ideas. You could even try looking at the hashtags that your favorite influencers are using and see if they would suit you.

Build a list and fine-tune it. Try and think of it from your audience’s perspective. For example, if visitors punch in or follow a hashtag, what do you want them to associate with YOU?

Need a Jumping Off Point?

Here are a few popular themes that could be useful.


#food #foodie #yummy #nom #hungry #delish #sushi #cocktails


#shopaholics #shoppingaddict #currentlywearing #instastyle #fashionaddict #styleblogger #styleinspo #whatiwore #ootd #gooddeal


#traveling #travelers #traveler #exploring #explorer #wanderer #wanderlust #travelbug

CURATE YOUR HASHTAGS! Not all of them may apply to you even if it’s within your niche. Don’t be that person who uses and abuses hashtags blindly. People WILL notice. And it’s not cool.

Is Your Head Spinning Yet?

I bet you noticed how many of them exist. It’s tiring, isn’t it? But that’s the nature of marketing. You’re a tiny fish in a big ol’ pond.

But you CAN stand out from the crowd if you’re willing to put in the work.

How Can I Make It Work?

Great! You’ve come this far. You’ve assembled, fine-tuned, and spit-shined the hashtags that you feel are going to work.

You’re asking yourself, “what do I do with them now?”

“How am I going to remember them all?”

“Do I need to remember them off the top of my head?”

“Oh lord, do I have to copy and paste EVERY single one when I want to use them??”

Absolutely not!

I’m going to tell you a little secret.

Use the text replacement option on your phone.

On iOS: Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement > +

On Android: Settings > Languages & Input > Personal Dictionary > +

Copy and paste your curated hashtags into a file you can easily access from your phone. I recommend Google Keep.

You’ll be going back and forth between Keep and your text replacement screen until completed.

Here’s a screenshot of what my favorite hashtags look like (I have iOS on dark mode):

Some of my favorite hashtags
Some of my favorite hashtags

Whenever I’m done typing my tweet or caption, I type in #art and iOS immediately plugs in #artistsofinstagram #artistslife #arttherapy #curator #carvetimeoutforart #meettheartist #makearteveryday #creativityneversleeps #raconteuse

PROOFREAD your hashtags! It’s so easy to misspell.

Now’s the time for you to implement it yourself!

Your assignment (if you choose to accept it) is to:

  • Research keywords for your niche.
  • Fine-tune your list to the nitty-gritty, select 5-6 for each, but no more than 11.
  • Create keyboard shortcuts on your mobile phone!

Let me know in the comments if/how you plan to implement this approach into your own social media posts.

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