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Dunkirk (2017)

My knee-jerk capsule review from Instagram remains the same: Dunkirk was a great picture. It may become the definitive movie version of the battle. I hope it does because the cast and crew put a lot of heart and soul into the movie. You can see it from the direction, the script, and the acting. This side of Nolan was refreshing. I feel like his big blockbusters were the first rounds to the main event. Nolan said in the marketing junkets for this movie that this was his dream project for many years. But he felt he wasn't professionally ready…

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disney/pixar's inside out

Inside Out (2015)

When life throws a curveball, making sense of the unexpected can be challenging. This page is about one person’s experience of moving to a new city and its emotional impact on them. From the anticipation and excitement of the journey to the disappointment of the initial view of the house, this person’s story is relatable to many who have gone through a similar experience.

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helen mirren in winchester

Winchester (2018)

In the movie Winchester, Dr. Eric Price (played by Jason Clarke) is hired by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company to assess the mental stability of Mrs. Winchester. As his investigation deepens, it is revealed that Dr. Price has a mysterious past of his own. Follow the story of Dr. Price as he unravels the secrets of the Winchester family and their haunted mansion.

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