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40 Steps

"When does the new tour start again?" Nicola Allen asked randomly. "In a month. After this last bit of appearances, we're coming home for a bit. Why?" her best friend Christopher Donaghy asked. "'Member, how you're always asking me to come to visit?""Well, yeah." He and Nicola had been best friends since high school. As the eldest member of Love Split Mystery, high school was a long time ago. He and Nicola had bonded over a mutual love of video games. Nicola was a professional game tester now, while Chris - AKA "C-Dawg" - was a band member, focusing his…

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The (After) Life of the Party

"We need to talk," she said, the most feared phrase in the English language invaded his ears. She took him by the hand into a quiet corner of the arena's backstage area and waited for her to speak. She seemed resolute in her words, but her hands told him the truth. She was nervous and couldn't quit playing with her trademark purple jade ring. She couldn't look at him as she spoke either. He wasn't paying attention, really, until... "You're what? Say that again?" he interrupted her. "Look, Summers, I'm 30, you're 21," she began before he cut her off…

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It Was Like ‘Static’

“So, are we going to storage today, Ma?” Mary said, gulping down her orange juice. “Yeah. There are a few things your Grandma Lucy’s been after me to let her have that used to belong to Daddy,” Marcy added. “I might get rid of the whole unit.” “What are you gonna do with all the stuff in it?” asked Mark. It was almost a year since Michael Crow had been removed from the machines that kept him alive. Mark took some time off from work for a week and had been visiting. Mark was an investment banker in San Francisco.…

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nathalie emmanuel as artemis hansen

Undisclosed Desires

She instinctively reached out for him, her ranger. Behind her closed eyes, she realized he was not there. The room was dark, but she could see the lights from the street below filling the room. The clock on the wall stated that it was 5:43 AM. Max - senior-aged at this point but forever a puppy - snuffled in his sleep at the movement of his mistress. She whispered in the dark, "Herc?"The lines in his face are deeper, craggier if that were possible. But it was him. He was leaning against the floor-to-ceiling window frame, cool to the touch…

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hayley atwell as matilda archer

Miracle & Magician

"I didn't realize the weather would be quite this oppressive, darling," the well-dressed lady said to the man beside her in the carriage. She waved a gloved hand in front of her face, trying to excite the dull air into breathable oxygen. "I think I left my fan in my trunk. Oh goodness, it's positively unbearable." "Uncle Thomas did warn us in our last correspondence that we probably should've come sooner, but you are fully aware of the trouble I ran into securing our passage," he reminded her, looking out the window at the wide-open prairie. He smiled at her.…

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tom felton as draco malfoy, keira knightley as melody masterson

War of Nerves

Rating: G.Category: Drama/Relationships.Summary: Draco comes crawling back to Melody.Timeline: After Series 1 of The Alliance of Destiny.Disclaimer: Harry Potter and related characters belong to JK Rowling and related entities. Made-ups are mine and mine alone. Melody stared out the window as the English summer rainstorm poured outside. She had passed her Apparation test, having come of age just a few short weeks before. Her father made her a special dinner and even took her shopping in Muggle Paris and some choice spots in the wizarding section there. They were back now, having Apparated together from Paris to her childhood home…

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Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange, David Anders as Julian Sark

Smooth Operator

Rating: R.Category: Drama.Summary: What goes on behind closed doors in Sark's life.Timeline: The whole year & subsequent summer after the end of Season 1.Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters belong to Jo Rowling and her people. Alias characters belong to JJ Abrams and his people. The smell of her body. The sweat pouring from his forehead. The fire in her eyes. The way their skin chafed against each other as he ground his hips madly into hers. Sark shook himself awake. It had been nearly two weeks. Two weeks since he had last been inside Bellatrix, melting and burning red hot. One…

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adrien brody as christian sanders

Safe & Secure

Rating: PG.Category: Drama.Summary: Otrere saves the future.Timeline: Backstory fic for The Alliance of Destiny: Bounty Hunters.Disclaimer: Otrere and Christian belong to Humaira and me. Otrere of the Lysander tribe was considered a bad apple. She was worthy of her status as the adopted daughter of their leader Queen Ambrosine. But her mouth was unbecoming of the daughter of a tribal leader. Otrere was born with an inquisitory nature and questioned everything that she saw. One summer day, she had brought up the idea that maybe the Lysander tribe should keep the boys that were born into their tribe instead of…

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The Hero’s Journey: The Benefits of Children’s Films

Fairy tales have been used to advise and guide children for generations. On a deeper level, so have urban legends. Fairy stories frame their cautionary tales by grounding them in fanciful situations. The lessons they teach children are hidden behind the guise of magic, fairy godmothers, and spinning wheels. Any child born in the twentieth century and beyond will be exposed to fairy tales as told by the Walt Disney Company: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, and Cinderella, to name a few. Not many adults look past the musical numbers by examining the metaphors implied by the Disney…

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keira knightley as melody masterson


Category: Drama/RomanceSummary: Melody finds a new love.Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters belong to Jo Rowling and her people. Alias characters belong to JJ Abrams and his people. BtVS and Angel characters belong to Joss Whedon and his people. The Alliance of Destiny characters belongs to Humaira and me. "Neville!" Melody called, opening random train doors. "Oops, sorry," she apologized to her sometime friend Cho Chang, who had graduated this year. She was sucking face with her flavor of the month and recoiled briefly when Melody burst in. "Ginny!" Melody said after she exited Cho's car. "Hey Melody," Ginny said warmly. "What's…

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keira knightley as melody masterson

Lite My Fire

Rating: R/potentially NC-17Category: Humor/Sexual Content.Summary: Draco and Melody consummate their love.Timeline: Pre-episode 6.Disclaimer: Harry Potter and related characters belong to JK Rowling and related entities. Made-ups (particularly Melody) are mine and mine alone. His kisses were hungry, pure, and - above all - honest. Melody Masterson couldn't imagine anywhere but being in Draco Malfoy's arms at the moment. The thing was they weren't officially a couple, in the normal sense. They had joined that new vibe of unattached couples. That was the new hip thing, her Muggle friend Natasha had told Melody in her last letter. Melody knew it was…

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adrianne palicki as germaine st. john

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Rating: PGCategory: Drama/Action.Summary: Yet another Sark offspring enters the picture to save Sydney's life.Timeline: The time between episodes 6 and 7.Disclaimer: Alias belongs to JJ Abrams, Bad Robot, Touchstone Television, and related entities. Harry Potter and associated characters belong to JK Rowling and associated entities. Buffy and Angel belong to Joss Whedon and Co. Made-ups are mine and mine alone. Somewhere in the south of Spain, a young woman was practicing tai-chi when the doorbell to her beachfront villa rang. Expecting it to be her weekly courier, her face fell when she threw open the door. "Julian," the woman began…

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