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My picture of a chandelier at Mission Santa Clara

Slanted Suitcase: Mission Santa Clara, Mission Santa Cruz, Mission San Juan Bautista, Mission Soledad

The one thing I miss about Northern California is the ability to make day trips. It's easy to get in your car, be in the mountains, be in the farmland, be in the ocean, be in Disneyland, be in the desert, all within hours of each other. I don't miss the commute during rush hour, though. Not ONE bit. One of my goals in life is to visit all the missions in California, which I did a big chunk of them with my friend A and T during various trips back and when I lived there. For example, I went…

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My picture of the mission bell at San Francisco Solano

Slanted Suitcase: Mission San Francisco Solano, Mission San Rafael Arcángel, Mission San Francisco de Asís

My BFF A and I made a pact to eventually visit all the California missions. From a historical standpoint, they've been amazing, educational, and humbling. From a Catholic standpoint, I'm torn. I am hyper-conscious of what the Spaniards did to the indigenous people of California. The Spaniards did it to the Philippines too. That's why my surname is Portuguese. And why the PI maintains a heavy Catholic influence. But I think as long as I am consciously aware of these facts, those thoughts and emotions will never die with me. This is a recap of some of the missions off…

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awp 2016

Slanted Suitcase: AWP 2016

AWP is an annual conference for writers, teachers, students, editors, and publishers. AWP is an acronym for the Association of Writers & Writing Programs. I went to my very first one while in my grad program. It was a learning experience, to say the least. It was an onslaught of information and positive vibes. It was so inspiring, humbling, and cool to see people from all walks of life actually doin’ the damn thing and writing and publishing. The panels I attended all advised pretty much said the same thing: write, write, write, read promiscuously, and send your stuff out.…

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My picture of the exterior of the Mob Museum

Slanted Suitcase: Bellagio, San Gennaro Feast, Heart Attack Grill, The Mob Museum

I celebrated my best friend A's birthday here in Vegas, and we did a bunch of touristy things. Even if you don't live in a tourist destination as I do, it's fun to get out there and be one. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee: celebrating the temporary Muhammed Ali exhibit at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Arts First, I took her to the Bellagio conservatory and then she wanted to see Fiore di Como by Dale Chihuly. I was basically killing time until the San Gennaro Feast started. San Gennaro Feast, May 2017 San Gennaro Feast was…

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My picture of the water tower at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA

Slanted Suitcase: D23 Day at The Walt Disney Studios and Archives

My April 2014 trip to visit the Walt Disney Studios and Archives in Burbank, a perk of being a member of D23. A topiary from Walt Disney WorldA signpost at the Studios.The Animation Building: where the magic happensDave Smith signing his book for me!Props from Flubber, Alice in Wonderland, and PiratesMouseketeer goodiesReplica of the Walt and Mickey statueRussi Taylor and Wayne Allwine, the voices of Minnie and Mickey MouseThe Seven Dwarfs built the company

My picture of an old-school kitchen at the Tulare Historical Museum

Slanted Suitcase: Visalia

I had been whinging at my best friend for a few weeks that I needed a road trip to clear my head. Visalia's less than six hours away from Vegas, so I figured I'd get out of my routine and go to a junk show on Sunday. I booked a cheap but decent room (less than $100) for one night, down the street from the front. So I decided to leave on Saturday morning. Ma was overly protective of me during this trip. It was seriously an overnight; I needed to get on the road. I figured out why road…

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A picture I took of a train outside of the Clark County Museum, Boulder City, NV

Slanted Suitcase: Clark County Museum

I decided that it was high time to get out of my creative rut and take myself on an Artist's Date. If you're not familiar with them, I highly recommend getting to know Julia Cameron's Artist's Way (paid link). I will suggest that book till kingdom comes; I don't even care. I chose the Clark County Museum in Henderson, which is about 30 minutes away from Vegas. It's on Boulder Highway, around the corner from my alma mater, NSC. I haven't been down that way in years, but I still remembered where to go. Funny how that works. What's great…

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my picture of doris duke's shangri la on diamond head

Slanted Suitcase: Do you wanna go to Hawaii?

Originally published August 24, 2013 I was recently able to visit my family in O'ahu, and doing what I do in my day job (concierge in Las Vegas), I planned my whole trip within hours. I used Google and Reddit and tried to stick to things that were near the house so I wouldn't have to go far. If I was going to go far, I made sure a shuttle was provided. This post is going to be my itinerary, along with photos and any tips I may have to offer. When I go on vacation, I like to do…

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