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Un début dans l’obscurité

a unique story about a person reflecting on the future and contemplating their next steps in life. Taking a journey of self-discovery, the protagonist asks questions that cannot be answered, but will invite readers to join in the bond phenomenon that can only take place in print. With no easy solutions, readers will be inspired to embark on their own journey of self-reflection and discovery.

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This page explores the idea of trading one’s time for money in the context of the world of man’s creation. It examines the notion that money earned is not to be taken from those on top, but rather is to be used to support hopes and dreams. It questions the fairness and morality of the way money is often pursued, and suggests alternative ways of thinking about it.

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This page explores the inner conflict of a person who feels undeserving of love and happiness despite the love shown to them. It delves into the internal battle of why one may feel averse to being spoiled, and the discomfort of feeling uncertain about the feelings that one may not understand.

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