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Awesome People Read Books: A Digital Silent Book Club

Join a digital Silent Book Club!

The concept is simple: you’re trying to read more but can’t seem to carve the time out of your busy day to read. So why not commit one hour a week? No more, no less.

What happens exactly?

Unlike a traditional meet-in-person SBC, our meeting is held through Twitter. The hashtag is #writeropolisSBC. This format may change in the future but I’ll let you know beforehand.

For the first 10 minutes or so, everyone is welcome to share the book that they’ve brought. You can bring whatever book you want. Lug your eBook reader, hardcover, mass market paperback, homework, PDF, comic book, dictionary…. nobody will judge you. SBC is a safe space.

Bring a drink, bring your pet, bring something warm to snuggle up in.

For about 40 minutes, we read.

For the last 10 minutes or so, attendees can share a few interesting sentences from their book, or maybe a quote that you pulled during your reading that night.

What time is it?

We’ll meet every Thursday at 7 PM PT.

I’m in Las Vegas, and if you’d like to attend our happy hour, feel free to convert your time zone.


No need to RSVP. Just show up next Tuesday to the #writeropolisSBC chat on Twitter. Tag me – @writeropolis – when you’re ready!

I’d rather meet in person….

Maybe you don’t feel that this way will work and you need in-person accountability. That’s cool!

There is more than likely a local chapter for you to attend (I go to my local one, too). Check out the current active clubs here.

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