Sincere Sundays: Poppy, succulents, & homework

Proud of myself for staying on top of this!


Poppy – Am I a Girl?

I know I’m super late hopping on the Poppy train, but I really dig her vibe. “I Disagree” is her latest record, but I think “Am I a Girl?” (pictured to the right) is probably her most commercial sounding album.

I’ll always have a soft spot for “Lowlife” from Bubblebath EP because my boyfriend dedicated it to me once. #corny

I like the identity she’s created for herself. The dichotomy of fluffy, genderless beauty, frolicking in different genres but graduating to the metal/industrial sounds that she does now is believable to me. Imagine if Poppy tried this even 20 years ago. People would eat her alive. But the openness of the pop music scene today is more welcoming. We really do value authenticity over cookie-cutter music. I think a lot of people forget that.

Her whole come-up is fascinating to me too. She’s been through a lot personally and professionally, and her growth reflects through her music clearly. It’s a hoot that one of her defining characteristics on Wikipedia is “religious leader.”


My babies!

In case I haven’t made it clear, I live in the desert. It’s very hard to keep anything alive out here. Our ground is very unforgiving. You have to baby your plants to get anything to stay alive, or have plants that can take a beating in the heat.

Obviously, succulents will do well out here because they’re tough little things. I always meant to get into them but I never had the time. Another positive result of working from home was being able to focus my time on them. I bought my supplies bit-by-bit and took a Saturday afternoon to prepare the glass vase that I inherited from a previous job.

Most of them in this particular vase ended up dying on me. I got bugged somehow. Hey, I never said I was good at keeping plants alive! I ended up repotting a few from this vase because the aloe plant on the far right side is a proper BEAST now. I had to give it the space it deserved to grow solo. I enjoy the peace having a little garden in my room brings me. It helps me slow down. I make the time to water, give them a little light every few days, and look at them. I’m so used to seeing dirt and rocks everywhere that when I go anywhere green, I’m like, oh wow, nature.

I’m not thrilled to be going back to the office in the midst of COVID season. But I plan on bringing one of the planters with me so I have something to look forward to every day.


You’re probably saying to yourself, Guilliean, you have a terminal degree. Why are you back in school? I’m the type of goober that needs the formality of a classroom to learn something new. My life is flexible enough where I can take one-off classes without having to focus my energy on attempting to get a degree.

I’m taking two creative nonfiction classes, and I’m loving it so far. We get writing prompts in one class, and I think to myself, hey, this is kind of like blogging back when people actually read blogs. I’m kind of mad that I never got the chance to take creative writing classes for undergrad. It would’ve been fun to expose myself to different styles. I don’t regret the path I took, but I wish I had options. That’s not too much to ask, right? Creative writing wasn’t an option at my school. You can get a minor in it now though. Oh well.

I joked that I should go back to NSC and build a creative writing program there. But I wouldn’t even know where to start! I’ll keep dreaming about it, haha.

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