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Mise en Place Mondays: Moko Ramen (Las Vegas, NV)

This is a new series that I’ve wanted to begin doing for my portfolio: restaurant and food reviews. Hopefully, someone out there will get some use out of it! Mise en place is a French culinary term meaning “everything in its place.” So it seemed suitable for me, seeing as how I’m marginally French and I love food. Anyway, I plan to post something once a month.

Address: 6350 W Charleston Blvd #120, Las Vegas, NV 89146

I came to learn of this place through my colleagues at work. It’s located down the street from our office. It’s located across from the West Charleston CSN campus, tucked away in the shopping center next to McDonald’s and Chevron. If you’re near Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market, you’re too far.

When you walk inside, it’s an intimate space, with a modern, black wooden interior with white accents everywhere. Two big TVs are usually streaming something from YouTube. Plus, there’s always music playing too. There’s booth and table seating, as well as the bartop, though most of the seating has been limited because of COVID.

I keep coming back because of the great service and amazing food. I’ve worked for my employer for over three years. It doesn’t matter what time of year; it’s always the right time for ramen.

There was a brief time where there was a handover in the reins of the business, and the service and flavor dropped off. But the ladies that own it now worked out those kinks fast, and everything is back to normal. We’re friends with them, and if we forget something about our order, they always come back and re-confirm. Sometimes, I get so excited when I’m ordering that I forget what I’m doing! What other restaurant does that?

They have a rewards program where if you eat ten bowls, you get a discount on your 11th. If you forget their card, don’t worry; they can combine them on your next visit.

Depending on how hungry I am, I’ll add an order of garlic butter edamame and chicken karaage.

My favorite bowl is their Black garlic Tonkotsu Broth, Black Garlic Oil, two Pork Chashu, 1/2 Boiled Egg, Bean Sprouts, corn, fresh tofu, and Green Onion.

I substitute their thin noodles with thick ones. I generally recommend that for any ramen joint.

I remove the garlic chips because it tends to overpower the black garlic oil to me.

I add corn and fresh tofu as well.

Brick macaron does their desserts, and I’m a sucker for their mango one. So delicious!

I will always have space in my stomach for Moko because I learned to eat ramen properly. So as long as everything remains consistent, I will continue to patronize them.

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