The beehive wallpaper in McHenry Mansion, taken in 2015 by me

Slanted Suitcase: McHenry Mansion, Modesto

McHenry Mansion was probably my gateway drug into my lifelong obsession with old houses. As a local who lived in the Southside, driving past that Victorian-Italianate home to get to the rest of the city was a visual treat and something I looked forward to daily.

We did a school trip in third or fourth grade, probably around the time that we were doing civic projects, learning about the history of Modesto and California in general. My favorite memory was learning about how calling cards worked.

My best friend A still resides in Modesto and when I moved back to NorCal, one of the things I wanted to tick off my list was revisiting McHenry Mansion. She happily obliged. The pictures from that day trip are below.

Looking back, I’m grateful for the life I had in Modesto. I wish I had more freedom to explore as a child. It might’ve made me appreciate my place in the world a lot sooner.

hand drawn old school boombox with antennae accepting sound, broadcasting sound via the speakers

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