City of Writers: A Weekly Newsletter

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The Seduction of Francesca Miller

My short story won third place at the Modesto Junior College Celebration of the Humanities Festival in May 2003. This is the first time I…

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illustration of blockchain elements

Key concepts of public vs. enterprise blockchain

The distinctions between public and enterprise blockchain matter. Gain insight into those differences and what to consider when implementing the distributed ledger technology.

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10 blockchain quiz questions: Test your understanding

IT leaders are learning how to implement blockchain, a distributed ledger technology, within their organizations. Use this blockchain quiz to test the depth of your…

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CIOs share advice on leading through disruption

Discover how a focus on three areas -- cybersecurity, employee experience and proactive management -- can help CIOs plan for and better manage disruptions.

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Life is a Highway

Marcel Proust once wrote, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” I originally wrote this as…

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color photo of the red rock canyon landscape from the visitors center in 2017

Red Rock Canyon

The Joshua trees are brown now, the color of the grains of sand that rise up to meet their fibrous skeletons. Red Rock Canyon, my…

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screenshot of the welcome to las vegas sign with the words "directed by guilliean pacheco" superimposed on it

Come Together (2011)

I directed the short film Come Together for Atomic Cocktail Entertainment. It's a romantic comedy/satire highlighting technology and social media's overuse in today's world. We…

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StorySLAM: Home

A “StorySLAM” is a celebration of words and experiences that shape and define who we are. Las Vegas community members were invited to share their…

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City of Writers: A Creative Writing Podcast

City of Writers is a podcast that celebrates the oral delivery of the written word. We celebrate creative writing in all of its forms.  

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Las sergas de Esplandián

I won a special staff selection for my poem - Las sergas de Esplandián - at the 2019 Helen Stewart Poetry Contest. Edward Everett Hale…

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Illustration by Ryoko Arai designed for 'The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories' by Angela Carter.

Little Lady Love: A Moving Storyboard

I submitted Little Lady Love: A Moving Storyboard as my final project for Women and Literature. I retold the story of "The Bloody Chamber" by…

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seven sins of the sisters: a creative photography project

Seven Sins of the Sisters

I created Seven Sins of the Sisters as my final creative project for Outlaw Genres: U.S. Third World Women's Autobiography. It combined photography and music…

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10 examples of smart contracts on blockchain

Smart contracts support enterprise blockchain by automating tasks. These use cases showcase the benefits and challenges IT leaders may face during implementation.

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‘Speed & Scale’ has climate action tips for all

Companies, individuals and governments should work together to combat the global climate crisis, according to 'Speed & Scale' co-author Ryan Panchadsaram.

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A digital transformation approach to supply chain resilience

An efficient supply chain starts with proactive preparation and the right technology. Learn more about the potential of digital transformation for supply chain resilience.