catfights and spotlights era sugababes

Catfights and Spotlights by Sugababes

Originally published December 30, 2008

What I liked most about “Catfights” were the little stories that each song told. Rather than being an all-encompassing theme speaking about fame or their relationship with each other (as implied by the title), each piece was unique.

I was sad to learn that they won’t tour “Catfights” because some of these songs would play well in live shows. But I guess the album sales weren’t much to write home about, and they’re going to push through for the next album.

Which is silly.

Because “Catfights” is what “Change” should have been.

I also hate how the “Catfights” cover is a darker version of the cover for “Change.”

My idea is to take the tracklistings for both and make one cohesive album. I’d call it “Change the Spotlight” or something. That might be a fun post down the line.

  1. “Girls”: the “girl power” song. It’s all about being strong and embracing your femininity. Imagine walking down the runway to this song. It’s perfect!
  2. “You on a Good Day”: the story about a ‘Babe and her boy. This guy is basically a schlump, yet she keeps him even after he sells her rims and buys a stripper (on two separate occasions!). The backbeat is all Supremes, which is a nice contrast to the lyrical content.
  3. “No Can Do”: the most Jackson 5-y song on the record. It’s very poppy. The narrator is telling her boy that she has to be the only one in his life. Another contrast between the beat and lyrics that work.
  4. “Hanging on a Star”: a lovely, lightweight pop song about crushing on a guy, and falling in like.
  5. “Side Chick”: A girl wonders if the guy she’s seeing sees her as “the other woman.” But she can’t help but question it because being friends is more complicated than being a couple because they get on so well. It’s the most modern-sounding while still acknowledging the throwback vibe of the whole record.
  6. “Unbreakable Heart”: Another empowering song. The piano melody is stripped down and lovely.
  7. “Sunday Rain”: tries to be this epic ballad, which it accomplishes with the strings and harmonies. But I don’t like this song too much. Fits the spirit of the album though. It could be the theme song for a classic movie about an epic love that failed by circumstance or something.
  8. “Every Heart Broken”: originally titled “Murder One,” it starts off sweetly, but it’s basically about how this girl’s love kills everyone it touches. Brilliant. One of my favorite tracks on the album.
  9. “Beware”: could be the theme song to a Bond movie. It’s so spooky but in a good way.
  10. “Nothing’s as Good as You”: a playful love song.
  11. “Sound of Goodbye”: don’t really have anything to say because I don’t really like this song. I think this is sort of a standard ballad type that can be found on any previous Sugababes’ album. Feels like a “Change” reject.
  12. “Can We Call a Truce”: this is a standout track for Amelle’s vocals. She NAILS this song. It’s like restraining both anger and sadness. Both Heidi and Keisha’s verses have incredible stand out lyrics, but Amelle’s voice is so beautiful in this song. Her lyrics are simple compared to Keisha and Heidi’s but there’s something about her vocals that are so perfect.
  13. “About You Now (Acoustic)”: I’m not sure why they put an acoustic version here but it’s lovely nonetheless, all stripped down.
  14. “She’s Like a Star” with Taio Cruz: this isn’t the version with Busta Rhymes. A good jam to listen to when you’re in the car.
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