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Write about the last time you left your comfort zone.

This article dives into the last time I left my comfort zone and the struggles I faced in the process. Reflecting on the experience of the pandemic, it looks at how I was able to muster the courage to try something new and the lessons I learnt along the way. By exploring my story, this article seeks to inspire readers to take that first step out of their comfort zone and embrace the unknown.

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Black Lives Matter

Anti-Racism Resources for Everyone

As a woman of color, I have a responsibility to my community to show up. As a writer, I have a responsibility to my art. As someone building a platform, I have a responsibility to lift up and amplify voices that are not my own. I provide these recommendations as a way for you to come to terms with how you approach Black Lives Matter. These are given to you without affiliate links. If you want a list of the ways you can help support BLM, go here. Books American Lynching by Ashraf H.A. RushdyCity Kids, City Teachers by William…

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