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Don’t Call It a Comeback

We’re more than halfway through 2022, and it has been a whirlwind of a rollercoaster for me. And I’m still puking the aftermath.   When writing this draft, I resolved to spill the muscles and the ligaments of my heart into this specific entry to relieve myself of the bottled-up emotions that stink my footfalls every day. But I find that the unrelenting chokehold of my grief continues to be a sharp knife in my guts. Plus, we asked everyone who knows to keep it quiet on social media. It wouldn’t be right to violate our family embargo. I will…

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What do you like most about your writing?

Writing has always been my go-to way to express myself. There hasn't been a moment in my life where I wasn't thinking about my next story, or observing life so that I could write it down later. Writing is an outlet to say the things I cannot say out loud. English is an elastic language. Anyone who tells you otherwise didn't get good grades in language arts. You can find the right word to manipulate and make it work for your process. My motto is to "tell a damn good story." Writing lets me do that. There are stories that…

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What makes you laugh?

Damn near everything makes me laugh. Shall I count the ways? Callbacks to classic literature.Standup comedians who punch up and not down. If you know, you know.Physical comedy. Something about someone who uses their body or things around them for a gag cracks me up.Pokémon memes. Looking at you, Cynthia's Theme. Bad dad jokes. Good dad jokes.Puns. My bank account (ha!)Cartoons meant for kids, but really, the adults know what's up: Phineas & Ferb, Gravity Falls.Cartoons meant for adults, but really, kids can watch with you: Futurama, Bob's Burgers.Absurd situations.People who take their life too seriously. They're ridiculous.Inside jokes with…

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Who is someone that inspires you and why?

At the risk of sounding like a terrible person, I don't have any people to look up to. It's because I stopped looking at the surface of an individual and fight hard to explore the parts of themselves that they share with me. That's the baseline determination for me to see if they're worth being an inspiration to me. I learned quickly that you can't uphold the total package of a person to be your inspiration. Because we're all fantastically flawed. But you can look to the parts of them that feel aspirational for you if you choose to go…

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What is something you wish you knew how to do?

I can't tie a tie, on myself or on another person. This is something that I've tried to tackle over the years. I've used multiple YouTube videos. I've had people teach me in real life. Multiple times. True, it's rare that I would need it for day-to-day life. There's a handful of instances where I would need to wear a tie, and no one I know wears them on the regular. But it's something that I think everyone should know how to do. For some reason, I cannot get my hands to make sense of which part goes where and…

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What was your favorite toy as a child?

Reruns of the original version of Muppet Babies was my absolute jam growing up. I have so many fond memories of watching that show even though I had aged out of Sesame Street by the time I started watching the reruns on Nickelodeon. Something about it was so much fun. Miss Piggy as a McDonald's Happy Meal toy from 1988 McDonald's was giving out a Christmas version of the Muppet Babies circa 1988. I'll never forget when I got my plush Miss Piggy in my Happy Meal. She and I were inseparable. I brought her everywhere. I didn't have a…

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Write about the last time you left your comfort zone.

Hmm. This one is kind of hard to answer? The ongoing pandemic has done a number on my sense of time and space as I'm sure it has done to yours. When I first sat down to ponder this, any anecdote I could pull from the hamster wheel powering the memory banks in my brain would immediately be useless as it would've taken place around 2019. So I'd like to share something taking place shortly. The City of Las Vegas offers seasonal art classes at a few community centers around town: dance, instrument instruction, painting, and the like. The closest…

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The Armchair Angler, or How I Made My Own Planner Cover

I've gone through a handful of A5 planners and notebooks over the last few months, trying to find something suitable to help me run my life. I could show you the receipts of how many I've tried! In fact, you may have seen one version of it on my Instagram. The problem is, I have a LOT of things that I need on paper, and with me at all times. I've minimized my use of digital notetaking to the bare minimum. The thing I noticed while voraciously researching options is that planner creators assume you only need 100 pages or…

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Black Lives Matter

Anti-Racism Resources for Everyone

As a woman of color, I have a responsibility to my community to show up. As a writer, I have a responsibility to my art. As someone building a platform, I have a responsibility to lift up and amplify voices that are not my own. I provide these recommendations as a way for you to come to terms with how you approach Black Lives Matter. These are given to you without affiliate links. If you want a list of the ways you can help support BLM, go here. Books American Lynching by Ashraf H.A. RushdyCity Kids, City Teachers by William…

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