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Embracing Your Creative Nemesis

I'm not a devout follower of New Age thinking. I'm a cradle Catholic but I have a hard time believing that God doesn't give us the tools to explore other ways of thinking. My Ma always had Buddhist and pagan symbols in the house while insisting we go through baptism,…

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On Keeping a Private Journal

Writing has always been a therapeutic endeavor for me. I turned to poetry when I had no other voice. I realized quickly that my will to live was intertwined with the art of writing when I channeled my teenage rage and post-adolescent hangups on paper. I graduated from poetry eventually…

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The Art of Revision

Writing to me has been cathartic, throughout my entire life. There has never been a time when I wasn’t writing. I would write a poem, short story, or similar, and then hide it away from the world because I was afraid of people seeing who I really am. Or I…

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How to Build a Writing Bag of Writing

Being a creative person seems counterproductive in our go-go-go world. The recession did nobody any favors. COVID-19 tanked a lot of creative journeys. Worrying about the state of the world may have overloaded your emotional well-being. Maybe you were a college grad turned out right in the middle of the…

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