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seven sins of the sisters: a creative photography project

Seven Sins of the Sisters (2008)

This was my final project for Nevada State College's Outlaw Genres class. I was born, baptized, and confirmed a Roman Catholic. There is a part of me that both agrees and disagrees with the way the Church works and its teachings. There is one thing that I know is true.…

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Illustration by Ryoko Arai designed for 'The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories' by Angela Carter.

Little Lady Love (2010)

Cast Darlene Dalmaceda as "la comtesse"Norma Desmond (Guilliean Pacheco) as "la chanteuse d'opera"Griffin Dwyer as "l'accordeur de piano"Cassandra Taylor as "la petite amour"Joe Veiga as "le marquis" Watch the Moving Storyboard [su_youtube url="https://youtu.be/q1EegBwYIq4" title="Little Lady Love: A Moving Storyboard"] My Creative Process I chose to interpret “The Bloody Chamber” in…

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