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a picture of my birthday cake from 2019

Birthday Number Ones

I tracked down the Billboard Hot 100 #1s for the week surrounding my birthday and made a playlist. I can't believe some of the songs that ended up on it because each track fully reminds me of where I was when it was a hit. Maniac (paid link) by Michael…

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the former viva elvis at aria

Viva Elvis (Aria)

I enjoyed the show, only because I love Elvis as a pop culture icon. I do like the fact that Cirque de Soleil produced the show specifically for Vegas. I think the joining of the two was a great idea. However, the show might've played better if this was thirty…

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lady gaga in 2010

Eh, Eh Nothing Else I Can Say About 2010

My top 10 played songs of 2010, according to last.fm. Alejandro (paid link) by Lady GaGaTelephone (featuring Beyoncé) (paid link) by Lady GaGaHappy Hour (paid link) by CherylEh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (paid link) by Lady GaGaAll I Wanted (paid link) by ParamoreChess (paid link) by AlphabeatRuby Blue…

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mutya keisha siobhan: sacred three

Sacred Three by Mutya Keisha Siobhan

I could wax poetic about one of my favorite UK girlbands and the drama they've gone through over the years to put out great, earworm-friendly pop music. But I won't. There are mounds of articles that do that all for me. The three founding members of Sugababes - Mutya Buena,…

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My pic of Janelle on the Dirty Computer tour, June 2018

Janelle Monáe (The Pearl Theater)

The setlist: (paid link) Dirty ComputerCrazy, Classic, LifeTake a ByteScrewedDjango JaneQ.U.E.E.N.Electric LadyPrime Time / Purple Rain musical breakdownPynkYogaI Like ThatDon’t Judge MeMake Me Feel / I Got the Feelin' musical breakdownI Got the JuiceCold WarTightrope Encore: So AfraidAmericans As you can see, a little bit of everything from Dirty Computer,…

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ashlee simpson, kanye west, sam sparro

Au Revoir, 2008!

The songs that got me through 2008. This was definitely a transitional year for me so I think the songs reflected that clearly. "About a Girl" (paid link) by The Academy Is..."Black & Gold" (paid link) by Sam Sparro"Boys" (paid link) by Ashlee Simpson"The Call" (paid link) by Regina Spektor"Click…

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Photo by Perchek Industrie on Unsplash

I Got the Sunflower Feels

As you can tell, 2019 was a rebirth for Raconteuse. Tabula rasa. I’m looking forward to getting back into posting regularly. Next year’s Best Year Ever series will be better, not as skint as this year’s. I promise! Sunflower (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) (paid link) by Post Malone & Swae…

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lady gaga in the fame monster

Good Girls Need Something to Just Dance To

My 2009 Best Year Ever mixtape. Just Dance (featuring Colby O'Donis) (paid link) by Lady GagaStarstruck (featuring Space Cowboy & Flo Rida) (paid link) by Lady GagaGood Girls Go Bad (featuring Leighton Meester) (paid link) by Cobra StarshipPoker Face (paid link) by Lady GagaUntouchable (Radio Mix) (paid link) by Girls…

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catfights and spotlights era sugababes

Catfights and Spotlights by Sugababes

Originally published December 30, 2008 What I liked most about "Catfights" were the little stories that each song told. Rather than being an all-encompassing theme speaking about fame or their relationship with each other (as implied by the title), each song was unique. I was sad to learn that they…

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