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Episode 013: Naive Page of Distortion

Guilliean reads three of her poems: Page 337DistortionWhen I Was Naive https://soundcloud.com/writeropolis/episode-13-naive-page-of-distortion/s-VFegYSIdCrZ Music: Don't Mess with the Balance (Instrumental Version) from ZapSplat.

nathalie emmanuel as artemis hansen

Undisclosed Desires

She instinctively reached out for him, her ranger. Behind her closed eyes, she realized he was not there. The room was dark but she could see the lights from the street below filling the room. The clock on the wall stated that it was 5:43 AM. Max - senior-aged at…

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Sentimental x Unsentimental

The stars in the skiesDripped into your eyesLike the beautiful onesHold you when you're done. I'm in this for loveNot procreationFallen angels, righteous sinsRaptured in misdirection. Baby it's youIt's always been youFrom the moment I breathedYou in like a fogTrip me in the darkAnd into your arms. And another onePound…

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Episode 011: Sentimental Palatial Bench

Guilliean reads three of her poems: Sentimental x UnsentimentalHarmony PalatialHospital Bench https://soundcloud.com/writeropolis/episode-011-sentimental-palatial-bench/s-VVKnRlek6oA Subscribe, rate, & review the show on SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or your favorite podcast app. Music: Jazzing Around from ZapSplat.

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Episode 010: The Blinded Belong to 24

Guilliean reads three of her poems: Where Do I Belong?Blindedtwenty-four Read along with the poems while you're listening! https://soundcloud.com/writeropolis/episode-010-the-blinded-belong-to-24 Music: The Moonpool from ZapSplat.