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Butterfly at the California Academy of Sciences

Butterfly (For John Blue)

I've been in a funk lately. Really, extremely asocial. Hating that I am alive and hating the world. I know, is the sky blue or what? I'm always mad at the world for one thing or another. Today is my Friday. My first real Friday in FOREVER. I got paid…

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Photo by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash

The Song in My Head

If there’s one thing I am proud to share with my fellow Americans, it’s the automobile. No place else in the world loves their cars as much as we do. Mind you, not all Americans feel this way. But I do and I don’t give a shit about those who…

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My dog Simba in 2012


For Simba Like back in the day, all these emotions make me numb Time has lost all sense of propriety Food tastes like the ghost of a cloud I miss you, and I don't know what to do Everything is blurred, crumpled foil Tossed into the bin like yesterday's news…

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Photo by Chris Liu-Beers on Unsplash

Interstate 280

Another breakfast aloneWon’t wash the bedsheetsCan’t lose the scent of your cologneThese words will dry on their ownAll these things that I’ve done

My photograph of the Bellagio Fountains


Home is where the fences are cinder blocks, radiating heat well into the night. Home is where the shit on the street is from ornamental plums, and not migrating ducks and geese. Home is knowing where the garlic salt is in the kitchen. Home is where your dog is. Home…

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Photo by Artur Aldyrkhanov on Unsplash

To be young again!

To be young again! To jump on cracks, breaking Mama's back To run from the shadows of a cloud on a spring day To skip to my Lou, fall down from a ring of roses Hopscotch, and jump-rope, and down down baby To be Enlightened by curiosity To examine the…

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Photo by Bruce Hong on Unsplash


I won't let you in, I'll fight you to the end Too close, I can no longer be your friend Love ends, where hate begins You are which of the seven holy sins? Hold you down, surrender to me Mission to the black hole of a distant galaxy You make…

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Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Music to My Ears

Fruitful and productive Tired and antisocial Emotions that define my life I have seen wonderful things Celebrated milestones with loved ones I am a true gastronome Yet I feel alone in a crowded room It is time to stop dwelling on the negativity And let the sunshine in It is…

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