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disney epic mickey

Disney Epic Mickey

Some spoilers.

The pre-game storyline is engaging. After falling asleep whilst reading “Through the Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll, Mickey finds a way to walk through the mirror in his room. He sees a pot of paint and a paintbrush left behind by Yen Sid (the sorcerer from “Sorcerer’s Apprentice”), who had departed for the night.

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Tutorial: An Intermediate Guide to Social Media Hashtags and How They Work with Examples!

You’re here because you’re someone who has a brand that encourages you to be active on social media, or you’re biting the bullet and building yours from the ground up.

If you’re like me, you post most of your content from your phone on the fly. A lot of big brands (and small ones too!) use programs that allow them to post on a schedule. My favorite is Buffer (not an affiliate link). If you’re a one-person shop, don’t stress yourself and wonder if you need to have scheduled posts. You don’t. You’ve got enough on your plate!

Whether you like it or not, social media is a solid way to bring traffic to your site. You should be doing whatever you can to bring eyes to what you’re trying to sell/do/say.

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Tutorial: Send and receive external emails through Gmail

One of my favorite features of Gmail is the fact that you can send emails from your other accounts without having to log in to them separately. I like to have vanity emails for all of my different projects. It helps me to categorize where my mail is coming from for all of my different domains, of which I have a fair few!

My fanlisting emails are sent to and from Any email sent to is forwarded to my Gmail account. When I reply to those emails, it appears as though it comes from and not Gmail, yet utilizing Gmail’s intuitive interface.

I have a filter so that any mail sent to gets sent to a specific folder within Gmail. It skips the inbox and archives automatically, which has allowed for maximum productivity. More on that at the end.

Most free email providers have eliminated the option to add additional emails as well as reply from them, or they charge for such a luxury. If Gmail does that, I’m jumping ship. I’ve faithfully been using Gmail since the beginning when they were doing invites.

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How to: Make Your Own Instagram Puzzle Template

I’m excited to share this DIY tutorial with you because I learned it myself quite recently. I hope you enjoy, and let me know if there’s anything that is missing!

I know the trend is to rely on things like Canva to create pretty images for you to post on social media. I’m not knocking them. It works for a lot of people. But, I think it’s contributing to the cookie-cutter look of graphic design nowadays. If you want to parrot everyone else’s aesthetic, then more power to you.

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