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twenty four hours in a daytwenty four years since riots serenaded the streets of L.A.that powder keg of corruptionsafety of unreality violatedblue and red combinedmade purple, unitedagainst the tyrannyof the 5-0 we lived six hours awayworking class neighborhoodsouthside ModestoI can see your face cringeall the way over herewhen I tell…

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If I could, I would give my eyes back to GodReturn to sender, address unknownTo remove from me the grief that comesWith being slightly shadowed in everyday situationsThese pinpricks of space that adjust appropriatelyTo the dark, to the light, unto the breachCan't see the leaf on the wind, watch how…

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Where Do I Belong?

All my life I straight tripped on who I wasWas I Filipino, was I American?For twenty-eight years, I could not assume either role,I was never pigeonholed, but I never belonged. My accent is Nor Cal born & bredMy height is so misledI eat rice with my handsI nosh hamburgers for…

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Everyone is Equal, But Some Are More Equal Than Others

In death, we treat everyone the sameUndeserved of the textbookdefinition of respect, in life. The ones we slurred for political opinions,judged harshly for the dead bedrooms,pitied the victims you stompedas you walked your Yellow Brick Road. Conversations drop an octavewhen the obituary is published.Truth benders erupt from the woodworkPraising the…

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Up to Eleven

I haven't a song in my heartAll I hear is the dull roar of broken dreamsPounding in my head, steam trainIt's a wonderful world of colorEverything is in black & whiteUnderdetermined to keep moving forwardSailing off a cliff into oblivionI want freedom from the old waysBefore the end daysSplayed out,…

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