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cate blanchett as maria sieber in the crucifix

The Crucifix

Rating: PG.Category: Suspense.Summary: A happy-go-lucky woman with political roots and a near-genius brain joins OST.Timeline: Mid-season 2.Disclaimer: The Agency characters belong to their respective entities. Made-ups are mine and mine alone. Joshua Nankin stood at the front of the tiny office that housed the OST department with a quiet woman…

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vincent ventresca as darien fawkes in the invisible man (2000)

The Time Machine

Rating: PG-13Category: Humor/Action.Summary: The Agency's latest project causes some unusual results.Timeline: Season 3.Disclaimer: The Invisible Man characters belong to their respective entities. Made-ups are mine and mine alone. Darien Fawkes approached the Keeper's lab in search of another discussion on getting the gland out of his brain. "Claire? Hey, Keep,…

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David Anders as Mr. Sark


Rating: PG-13Category: Drama/SuspenseSummary: Mr. Sark's past collides with his present position in SD-6.Timeline: Mid-season 2.Disclaimer: Alias belongs to JJ Abrams, Bad Robot, Touchstone Television, and related entities. Made-ups are mine and mine alone. Three pictures appeared on the screen in front of Sydney Bristow in the SD-6 briefing room. The…

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Rachel Weisz as Caroline Santiago

Center Stage

Rating: PG-13Category: Humor/Action.Summary: A notorious freelance agent returns to the Agency's stratosphere, which causes people to question her allegiance.Timeline: Mid-season 2.Disclaimer: The Invisible Man characters belong to their respective entities. Made-ups are mine and mine alone. It was a typical day at the Agency. Darien Fawkes had just gotten his…

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Monica Potter as Otrere Sanders and Nicolas Brendon as Xander Harris

The Alliance of Destiny: Bounty Hunters

Rating: G.Category: Drama.Summary: What happened after Otrere and Xander left Hogwarts for New Orleans?Timeline: The whole year & subsequent summer after the end of Season 1.Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters belong to Jo Rowling and her people. Alias characters belong to JJ Abrams and his people. Buffy/Angel characters belong to Joss…

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Blood That Shames the Red, Red Rose

"Are you sending me home, ma'am?" he asked, coughing into the damp air. The violent movement sent a fresh flood of claret to struggle against the haphazard field dressing. "Yes, soldier, you're going home," I sighed in contempt. I signaled to our radioman to order the medevac to grant this…

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Photo by Click and Learn Photography on Unsplash

Blue Bell Knoll: A Fairy Story

Once upon a time – because all good fairy stories start out like that – there was a little girl. The little girl was blessed with hair as dark as the time before dawn and eyes like the blue in your sky. She was little, but not too little, and…

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Photo by Antoine Beauvillain on Unsplash

Love Will Tell Us Where to Go

Rating: PG-13Category: DramaSummary: Louise Ellison's past plays a role in her future.Timeline: sometime after 4.9.Disclaimer: Hell on Wheels belongs to its owners, made-ups belong to me. Ida Greeley felt a surge of uncertainty hit her as the weight of her decision began to grow. She had slipped out of the…

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Photo by Wendy Scofield on Unsplash

How to Be a Vampire Slayer in Ten Easy Steps

Rating: PG.Category: Humor/Action.Summary: Buffy and Angel introduce Harry and Ron to the joys of vampire slaying.Timeline: "Deleted scene" from episode 1.6.Disclaimer: Harry Potter and related characters belong to JK Rowling and related entities. Buffy and Angel belong to Joss Whedon and Co. Made-ups are mine and mine alone Night had…

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Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash


I anxiously pounded the leader of the free world between her thighs and made her cum so hard, she temporarily went blind, which she told me later as she fell asleep in my arms that the release reminded her of Citizen Kane's Rosebud, knocking her back to the calm before…

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