Photo by Bruce Hong on Unsplash


I won't let you in, I'll fight you to the end
Too close, I can no longer be your friend
Love ends, where hate begins
You are which of the seven holy sins?
Hold you down, surrender to me
Mission to the black hole of a distant galaxy
You make me strong, can no longer deny
The thought of you makes me comply
All I ever wanted was you
Black and white tableau flame in my mind
Of all the memories we left behind
All the minutes - I imagine me and you
Together, like it was only natural
A hushed greeting from you, like a sledgehammer to my loins
I feel almost normal when you're near me
But I keep myself guarded, unable to face the truth
That if I lose myself in you, then me will cease to be
I refuse to let go of all the things that I have ever known
Love hardens, love breaks, but I won't let you in
Pride, I think, is my only sin.
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