Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Music to My Ears

Fruitful and productive
Tired and antisocial
Emotions that define my life
I have seen wonderful things
Celebrate milestones with loved ones
I am a true gastronome
Yet I feel alone in a crowded room
It is time to stop dwelling on the negativity
And let the sunshine in
It is time to believe all the storied words of
Scribes, poets, and heroes before me
I am worthy of love
I can practice my faith
Despite all obstacles
I can be anything I want to be
If only I can get my brain
To catch up to my heart
It is time to step off that cliff
Into the sea of simulation
So that the lights can change
Because the game has changed
I know my present state
Is not where I need to be
I know that this is not my fate
And that I do not have to play along
To stay on the safe side
What good is an unbreakable heart
If it is not tested in the fires
If I don't walk that lonely road
If I drive to nowhere
With no particular place to go
I have to believe in myself
Before anyone else will.
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