Photo by Valentin Salja on Unsplash

Things That Are Full Of

Things that are full of music
Cascade like a waterfall
Down the coin slot
Chirping in acceptance,
once, twice, three times luck be a lady.

They call me the One-Armed Bandit
The meadow in the Wild West
Words and music under the gun
Of the tiger's sun.

The Ballad of Michael Valentine
Could be a country song,
but isn't
Telling the tale of a wannabe rock star

Nuns on Fourth and Fremont sing
topless, gaffer's tape
covering their nipples, implications of areolas
Because bare breasts are not fully nude
in America, if they're covered up

I've become a part of this Scene
Waving to the preacher who insists I accept God
The refrain of his plea mixes with the aroma
of sewer gas, on the other side of the street

I crumble from the weight, 
the Catholic blues that direct my shoes
Towards the curio shop under the canopy
Marching in harmony
Some silly satellite seethes through my sonnet.

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