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Shut Up and Drive: A Road Trip Mixtape

Just like it says on the tin, songs you can listen to with the windows wide open and cranked to 11. Or, if you’re in the desert like I am, with the windows up and the air conditioning at full blast.

  1. Cars (paid link) by Gary Numan
  2. Cruisin(paid link) by Smokey Robinson
  3. Drive (paid link) by The Cars
  4. Drive My Car (paid link) by The Beatles
  5. Drive to Nowhere (paid link) by Mylin
  6. Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses (paid link) by Kathy Mattea
  7. FAST CAR by Namie Amuro
  8. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 (paid link) by Nat King Cole
  9. Go Your Own Way (paid link) by Fleetwood Mac
  10. Heads Carolina, Tails California (paid link) by Jo Dee Messina
  11. How Bizarre (paid link) by OMC
  12. I Can See for Miles (paid link) by The Who
  13. Joy Ride (paid link) by The Killers
  14. Life is a Highway (paid link) by Rascal Flatts
  15. Little Deuce Coupe (paid link) by The Beach Boys
  16. The Long and Winding Road (paid link) by The Beatles
  17. Magic Carpet Ride (paid link) by Steppenwolf
  18. Music for Cars by ABS
  19. No Particular Place to Go (paid link) by Chuck Berry
  20. Ramblin’ Man (paid link) by The Allman Brothers Band
  21. Riding with Private Malone (paid link) by David Ball
  22. Shut Up and Drive (paid link) by Rihanna
  23. Take Me Home, Country Roads (paid link) by John Denver
  24. The Wanderer (paid link) by Dion
  25. 60 Miles an Hour (paid link) by New Order

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