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Diamond, Babe

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My end of the year mixtape for 2015, featuring the top 15 tracks I played incessantly over the year.

  1. Play (featuring Sampha) (paid link) by Katy B
  2. Les Sex (paid link) by Kylie Minogue
  3. I Don’t Care (paid link) by Cheryl
  4. Favorite (featuring Jeremih) (paid link) by Nicki Minaj
  5. This Side of Paradise (Lost Kings Remix) by Hayley Kiyoko
  6. Throwback (paid link) by Cheryl
  7. No Problem (featuring Flinch & My Name Is Kay) by Diplo
  8. Express Yourself (paid link) by N.W.A
  9. Control of the Knife (paid link) by Girls Aloud
  10. Anaconda (paid link) by Nicki Minaj
  11. Bitch Better Have My Money (paid link) by Rihanna
  12. Under the Sun (paid link) by Cheryl
  13. Loose Wires (paid link) by Kenna
  14. Feeding the Fire (paid link) by Hayley Kiyoko
  15. Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight (paid link) by R5

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