Viva Elvis (Aria)

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Originally posted April 24, 2010

I enjoyed the show, only because I love Elvis as a pop culture icon. I do like the fact that Cirque de Soleil produced the show specifically for Vegas. I think the joining of the two was a great idea.

However, the show might’ve played better if this was thirty – or even twenty – years ago. Watching it reminded me that no one like him represents Vegas anymore. We don’t have iconic, bombastic figureheads as we did in the old days. It’s a nameless, faceless place. It’s been driven by the corporate overlords for years.

If Viva was playing at another hotel, it might’ve made for a perfect vibe. Experiencing the warm, colorful nostalgia of the show, and then experiencing the cold, unfeeling post-modern CityCenter made my stomach drop. The dichotomy of the two themes are a recipe for disaster.

Another show could do well in Aria’s showroom, not Viva Elvis. An abstract Cirque show, not this fun, breezy representation of the juggernaut that is Elvis.

I’m editing this to add that Viva Elvis closed about two years after I originally wrote this review, due to low ticket sales. I figured as much. Zarkana – another lovely Cirque production – took its place, until Aria decided to do away with a house show and focus on their convention center. Things don’t last long unless they’re making someone money. That’s the state of affairs here in Vegas.

love, peace, and adobo grease, Guilliean

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