Month: March 2020

the former viva elvis at aria

Viva Elvis (Aria)

I enjoyed the show, only because I love Elvis as a pop culture icon. I do like the fact that Cirque de Soleil produced the show specifically for Vegas. I think the joining of the two was a great idea. However, the show might've played better if this was thirty - or even twenty - years ago. Watching it reminded me that no one like him represents Vegas anymore. The dichotomy of the two themes is a recipe for disaster. We don't have iconic, bombastic figureheads as we did in the old days. Instead, it's a nameless, faceless place. Corporate…

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Rachel Weisz as Caroline Santiago

Center Stage

Rating: PG-13Category: Humor/Action.Summary: A notorious freelance agent returns to the Agency's stratosphere, which causes people to question her allegiance.Timeline: Mid-season 2.Disclaimer: The Invisible Man characters belong to their respective entities. Made-ups are mine and mine alone. It was a typical day at the Agency. Darien Fawkes had just gotten his shot of counteragent and Alex Monroe was already in the Official's office waiting for Darien and Bobby Hobbes to get news about their new assignment. "So what's the deal, boss?" Hobbes asked the Official. "Eberts!" Charlie barked. "An ex-CIA agent has returned to the United States from Asia and our…

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My picture of a chandelier at Mission Santa Clara

Slanted Suitcase: Mission Santa Clara, Mission Santa Cruz, Mission San Juan Bautista, Mission Soledad

The one thing I miss about Northern California is the ability to make day trips. It's easy to get in your car, be in the mountains, be in the farmland, be in the ocean, be in Disneyland, be in the desert, all within hours of each other. I don't miss the commute during rush hour, though. Not ONE bit. One of my goals in life is to visit all the missions in California, which I did a big chunk of them with my friend A and T during various trips back and when I lived there. For example, I went…

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lady gaga in 2010

Eh, Eh Nothing Else I Can Say About 2010

My top 10 played songs of 2010, according to Alejandro by Lady GaGaTelephone (featuring Beyoncé) by Lady GaGaHappy Hour by CherylEh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) by Lady GaGaAll I Wanted by ParamoreChess by AlphabeatRuby Blue by Róisín MurphyOnly You (Take Me Away) (featuring Kidz in the Hall) by Nina SkyUndisclosed Desires by MuseDJ by Alphabeat

Monica Potter as Otrere Sanders and Nicolas Brendon as Xander Harris

The Alliance of Destiny: Bounty Hunters

Rating: G.Category: Drama.Summary: What happened after Otrere and Xander left Hogwarts for New Orleans?Timeline: The whole year & next summer after the end of Season 1.Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters belong to Jo Rowling and her people. Alias characters belong to JJ Abrams and his people. Buffy/Angel characters belong to Joss Whedon and his people. Dear Buffy, I wanted to thank you for your last letter. Yes, I will be visiting you and the rest of the Alliance for the Xmas holiday. I hope you don't mind if I bring a few people along. I've mentioned them before: Hamish McCloud, Armando…

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Photo by Nick Hawkes on Unsplash

That’s Not My Name: Ethnicity and the Writer’s Life

I am an introvert. I find small talk exhausting, and being around the general public makes me feel like I am on The Truman Show. It feels like I'm only being spoken to because it's part of their job as an actor in the story of my life. The worst feeling in the world for someone like me is walking into a room of people you have never met before with your name plastered on a sticker. Your primary directive is to glad-handle everybody and their grandmother for the sake of networking. A typical script: (deep breath) “Hi, hello, my…

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My picture of the mission bell at San Francisco Solano

Slanted Suitcase: Mission San Francisco Solano, Mission San Rafael Arcángel, Mission San Francisco de Asís

My BFF A and I made a pact to eventually visit all the California missions. From a historical standpoint, they've been amazing, educational, and humbling. From a Catholic standpoint, I'm torn. I am hyper-conscious of what the Spaniards did to the indigenous people of California. The Spaniards did it to the Philippines too. That's why my surname is Portuguese. And why the PI maintains a heavy Catholic influence. But I think as long as I am consciously aware of these facts, those thoughts and emotions will never die with me. This is a recap of some of the missions off…

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